10 moves to ‘kick butt’ on your New Year’s resolution

Real self-defense training can happen with as little as 10 moves. Against popular belief, one does not need to be a Black Belt to be proficient in martial arts, nor do they have to spend years in a self-defense school learning more about bowing than what to do if someone attacks you from behind. Nor do people have to dedicate endless hours on the treadmill to reach their New Year’s resolutions. Martial arts has proven itself to give people what they want, to get in shape and also feel safe.

“In a real attack, many of the complex moves that are taught in martial arts dojos and are seen in movies, will not work,” states Matt Numrich, owner and head instructor of Elite Defense Systems, a self-defense academy in Rockford, with additional Chicagoland locations. Numrich explains: “If you minimize the self-defense moves you have available to single direct moves, which focus on weak spots on the attacker’s body—defending oneself is easy, plus it burns fat! Luckily, these same direct moves offer super-high leverage for the person who is being attacked, even against bigger and stronger attackers.” Here is the bonus: They are also the key to getting in shape in the shortest amount of time. Dave Lamoso, a student of Numrich’s, recently lost more than 35 pounds using these 20 simple self-defense moves.

Matt Numrich will educate your audience in:

10 super-effective defense moves which can create the ultimate workout

The missing “more popular” link in the misleading theory of “flight or fight” and how working out is the missing link in escaping a rape, attack or abduction

Why cardio kick boxing and Tae Bo programs make you more vulnerable!

Creating a simple “at home” program to reach one’s New Year’s fitness goals!

Numrich’s self-defense knowledge is the key to showing how your audience can still succeed in their New Year’s resolutions, while learning how to protect themselves. For more information, call (815) 885-4758.

From the Feb. 14-20, 2007, issue

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