$10,000 seminar promises answers

$10,000 seminar promises answers

By Joe Baker

By Joe Baker

Senior Editor

The most expensive business seminar in Rockford’s history is coming this fall. Would you believe $10,000 for one day?

That’s the tab for the presentation being organized and presented through the efforts of Robert Smith, a local businessman.

The seminar, to be held in late October at a confidential location, is aimed at business leaders, CEOs, presidents and entrepreneurs.

Only 35 of Rockford’s leading business people will be accepted.

Smith, president of Robert Smith & Associates, said he became concerned at the number of local businesses either in financial difficulty or closing up.

He went to a nationally known marketing expert and told him the Rockford area needed help. The man agreed to lend his expertise to local business leaders and show them how to compete effectively in today’s economy. The seminar is titled “Marketing Your Way Back to the Top.”

“I believe that Sundstrand, Greenlee, Chrysler, Motorola, Atwood, Ingersoll and others would still be profitable, and thousands of hard-working residents would still have their jobs if this seminar took place a year ago,” Smith said.

“This goes beyond the CEOs and the presidents. It trickles down to the bottom of the totem pole,” Smith added.

“There is nothing else of this magnitude,” he said. “We will put out first-class information. We want them to leave excited, with practical advice,” Smith said. He said there also will be an effective follow-up program to determine whether participants are following the instructions they receive.

If you wish to be considered for enrollment, send an e-mail to: businessbuilder@onebox.com For more information about the seminar, call 227-6151. Smith said seating is filling fast.

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