20th Annual Illinois Snow Sculpting event set for mid-January

Organizers of the 20th Annual Illinois Snow Sculpting Competition are ready for the event in Rockford’s Sinnissippi Park, Jan. 18-21.

The three-person state and international teams work 3-1/2 days on a 2-ton, 6 feet by 6 feet by 10 feet block of snow to create frozen works of art, while the four-person high school teams work 2-1/2 days on a 4 feet by 4 feet by 6 feet block of snow. The sculptors cannot use power tools or props, other than the snow, to hold up the pieces.

Following is a list of the state teams and the title and/or description of their creations:

Jeremiah Antosch, Deric Bloomingdale and Pier Debes of Rockford, “De Profundis—Out of the Depths” (hands with claws releasing a dove)

Derrick Greenlee, Dawn Bihlmaier and Ted Bihlmaier of Harvard, “Horsea” (seahorse)

Greg Farnham, Kat Fisher and Joshua Turner of Rockford, “Anti-Virus Protection” (computer mouse in cat’s mouth)

Sonne DeVries and Doug Scherrinsky of Rockford and Jack Gerard, Pontiac, “The Final Inspection” (Angel and military funeral)

Krista Gustafson, K Dyer and Polly Freund of Rockford, “Where Do Sock Monkeys Come From?”

Jeff Nuckles of Aurora, “Dog Fight” (dog flying aircraft)

Ken Davis, Hans Schumacher and Mike Turley, Roscoe, “Unnamed” (dragon)

Tom Guirl, Kit Scheidenhelm and Gary Simon of Belvidere, “Jack Just Needed a Good Goose” (Jack and the Beanstalk)

Pete Backman, Nate Branch and Andrew Skupien of Roscoe, “Great American Puppet Show” (big business controlling politicians)

Bjorn Svenhard and Thorfinn Skupien, Rockford, “Priorities” (FEMA or protecting oil)

Bill Brown, George Harnish and Randy Tackett, Rockford, “Standing Room Only” (two elephants)

Marak Edlen, Keith Pliml and Scott Triplett of Rockford, “Eight Reasons to Relax” (octopus)

The defending state champions, the team of Will Beard of Rockford, Fred Gardner of Caledonia, and Paul Larsen of Belvidere will create “Stand Off” (squirrel and bear facing off). They and Team Mexico will compete for the International Team People’s Choice vote. The Mexican team will consist of Ivonne Rodriguez, Abraham Tejero and Ivette Tejero.

Spectators are welcome to attend. There is no admission charge, although on-site donations are requested. The sculptures are lit for night viewing and sculpting work. Major sponsors of the event include h.c. Johnson Press, Rockford Park District, SwedishAmerican Health System, and WIFR-TV. Supporting sponsors include Area Erectors, City of Rockford, Creative Enterprises, Greater Rockford AirportLand and Illinois Arts Council.

The 14 high school competitors include:

Auburn—Travis Dahlhauser, Katie Holmes, Amy Nyberg and Joe Valentine; advisor: Margret Hesler Hynes; “Chilly Peppers”

Belvidere—Ashley Billon, Cory Boyle, Rachel Grove and Amy Rogalin; advisor: Laura Graessle; “Snowmen Making ‘Snow Man’”

Boylan—Alli Cicero, Liz Iven, Andy Moore and Becca Schultz; advisor: Jennifer Mullin; “The Venerable Vegiquarian” (fisherman in a boat)

Christian Life—Karissa Cederholm, Renaldo Cooper, Jason Hill and Barry Scheisher; advisor: Theresa Crow; “Never Alone” (hand cradling child)

East—Nick Sygan, Xaphone Inthabandith, Souvath Sayavong and Jeffrey Welch; advisor: John DeRango; “It Is Was It Is” (drill bit)

Guilford—Mariel Cotton, Katrina Epperson, Natasha Smith and Ashley Soriano; advisor: Kyna Matula; “Cirque du Neige” (acrobats)

Harlem—Dawn Bailey, Stephanie Bailey, Andrew Manley and Ryann Ward; advisor: Alison Muraski, “The Legend” (Ray Charles)

Hononegah—Katelyn Dewitt, Andrea Guzzetta, Alyssa Schaefer and Nathan Scherrer; advisor: Joyce Fridlund, “Deliverance” (soaring bird)

Jefferson—Katie Gorsach, Mitchell Johnson, Jordan Loos and Brittany Schmidt; advisor: Lynn Stockton; “One Lump or Two”

Keith—Sydney Clinton, Patrick Johnson, Eric Lander and Matt Thomassen; advisor: Lori Walsh, “Peek-a-Boo!” (mouse looking in a cup)

Lutheran—Kelly Bertram, Torey Moore, Jessi Webb and Lauran Wirfs; advisor: Sue Gustafson; “Clean Sweep” (penguins running a Zamboni)

Marengo—Kevin Bachleda, Raymond Donovan, Ned Mortensen and Andrew Sticha; advisor: Robert Pomykala; “Killa”

Pecatonica—Andrea Dahlberg, Luke Halvorson, Alex Haughton and Maggie Hoff; advisor: Eric Donaldson, “Nothin’ Up My Sleeve” (rabbit coming out of hat)

Rockford Christian—Heather Geyler, Elise Houck, Jon Lohrenz and Paris Nelson; advisor: Vivia Houck, “Soaring Sounds”

For more information about the annual state competition, call the Rockford Park District at (815) 987-8800 or visit the event’s Web site: www.snowsculpting.org.

From the Jan. 4-10, 2006, issue

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