'Battle of the Bands' finals Sept. 10

Six bands set to go head-to-head for $1,000 prize

Reign of Ruin claims final wild card spot to enter final round

Mix machine-gun-like drum notes, the punch of a multi-stringed bass, deep and audacious guitar riffs with true-to-form metal vocals. The result? A Reign of Ruin show that is loud, at times obnoxious, but never lacking in quality.

Last week (Aug. 30), the wild card competition heated up as three bands proved they wanted to fill the sixth slot in the finals, which will be held Sunday, Sept. 10. Freestyle and Burntside came to play, delivering great sets. However, it was Rockford’s Reign of Ruin that walked away with the right to join Bone Shed, Blues Hawks, Endity, Split Decision and Mel-e-o’s Cosmos for the last round of the contest. The winner will take home $1,000 in cash.

The evening, however, was not all about Reign of Ruin. Freestyle cleared the listening pallet with a solid hour of R&B. Burntside turned it up again with straightforward punk, covering songs by The Ramones, Misfits and a stripped-down tour de force version of the KISS classic “Strutter.”

Music will begin at 3 p.m., Sunday, Sept. 10, at JT’s Bourbon Street Grille. A free buffet of Cajun food will be offered to all musicians who have participated in the contest. First-, second- and third-place winners will be announced following the last set of music.

Musicians are asked to arrive 45 minutes before their timeslots to ensure proper sound levels. JT’s Bourbon Street Grille is at 1407 N. Main St. in Rockford. The restaurant can be reached at 964-4400. Admission is $5, which includes the buffet. For a complete list of area entertainment, see The Rock River Times’ Vibe Entertainment section.

From the Sept. 6-12, 2006, issue

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