'Kids Can' program to help Atwood Center

If you see a youth wearing a green apron and hat walking through your neighborhood and wonder what is going on, these youth are part of the “Kids Can” program, and are selling coupon books to help the Friends of Atwood raise money to help preserve the environmental programs offered through the Rockford Park District’s Atwood Outdoor Education Center.

The youth will also earn some money for their efforts.

The books contain discount coupons from local and chain restaurants, live theaters, attractions and sporting events, oil change businesses, and more.

The program also helps youth develop job skills, earn supplementary income, get some exercise, and help the Friends of Atwood in their fund-raising efforts.

Barb Baptista una Freund, senior manager of Recreation Services, said; “Many of us grew up knowing a friend that had a paper route. Our youth no longer have this option since most paper deliveries are now made via cars. Having interviewed hundreds of seasonal job applicants over the years, many came with experience earned by carrying out the responsibilities of having a paper route, and they showed those skills once they were hired.”

The youth will undergo a training program prior to going out and selling the coupon books, and will be working with a crew supervisor at all times. The coupon booklets are $15 for one book and $25 for two books.

“The Rockford Park District appreciates the Friends of Atwood group’s healthy options for fund-raising they have chosen: Cool Artesian Water and the Kids Can program. This speaks highly of the consistent values the Friends of Atwood have demonstrated,” said Tim Dimke, chief operating officer of the Rockford Park District.

The Park District has been providing outdoor education programs for the community since 1958.

If you would like to participate in the Kids Can program to help the Friends of Atwood, contact Mary Sullivan at 637-1300.

From the June 29-July 5, 2005, issue

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