'Naturally Rockford' section debuts

n TRRT’s new section will focus on alternative and natural medicines, and organic foods

As Americans become bombarded by more and more advertising by corporate drug companies, a rising tide of alternative medicine and organic food enthusiasts seems to be gaining steam.

In response to the growing movement toward organics and alternative medicines, The Rock River Times is unveiling a new weekly section called “Naturally Rockford” that will focus on the latest developments in alternative medicines and organic foods.

Readers will still see our coverage of traditional health practices on these pages, but they will also now be able to keep up with the latest in alternative medicines and organic foods.

The focus of this new section will be primarily on the local level (hence the name “Naturally Rockford”), but the section will also profile national and international developments.

Please see page B3 for this week’s first “Naturally Rockford” section.

From the April 6-12, 2005, issue

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