A brighter-looking future

“Things might actually be returning to normal,” said Greg Helmstetter, CEO of myGoals.com. Last year, a staggering 27 percent of people’s resolutions were career related, an 18 percent increase from 2002. For New Year’s 2004, however, a 9 percent drop in career goals may signal a return to business as usual.

“Deep concerns about jobs were so strong last year that career-related resolutions surpassed the usual top category, ‘Health & Fitness,’” said Helmstetter. “This year, a marked drop in job-related goals shows that people are starting to focus more on other areas of their lives such as family, getting organized, and fixing up the house. That’s good news for everybody.”

This New Year’s, “Health & Fitness” (which includes ever-popular weight-loss goals) is expected to reclaim its title as the most popular category of New Year’s resolutions.

Other noteworthy trends include a significant increase in expected resolutions related to investing in real estate.

“We’re seeing a tremendous increase in goals to purchase rental properties,” said Helmstetter. “Last year, we observed a sharp decrease in goals related to investing in stocks. It’s safe to say that real estate is absorbing some of that investment capital. While real estate still remains a relatively small category of goals overall, resolutions to purchase rental properties—ranging from single-family homes to large apartment buildings—are significantly stronger than we’ve ever seen in the three years we’ve been collecting data.”

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myGoals.com’s annual predictions of New Year’s resolutions are based on the ordinary goal-setting activity of myGoals.com users during the third quarter of the current calendar year. Five hundred anonymized goals, set by the site’s users, were selected at random and tabulated to generate the trends outlined above. No survey was involved. This is not a scientific study and should not be taken to represent the behavior of the entire U.S. population with statistical signficance. myGoals.com’s userbase does, however, generally broadly represent the college-educated, adult, U.S. Web-surfing population.

About myGoals.com, Inc.: myGoals.com is the Web’s premier site for setting, managing, and reaching personal and professional goals. Individuals can set as many goals as they like, creating custom Goalplans from scratch or selecting from a library of pre-made Goalplans that contain expert advice for accomplishing the goal. myGoals.com then sends email reminders to keep the individual on track, until the goal is accomplished. This subscription-based service is free to trial for 10 days. Gift certificates available.

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