A Christmas Letter

A Christmas Letter

By Dr. Robert R. Kopp

Dear Mom and Dad,

It’s hard to believe Christmas is just around the corner. Tree lots are springing up all over the place, and McDonald’s is selling movies again, though I’m not sure what their selections have to do with the season. But in some strange way, all of it gets me pretty excited.

I know you’re wondering what to give the kids this year. It seems nobody remembers what you gave them last year. There aren’t many things that don’t wear out, get thrown out, or become played out. That’s why I’m writing. I’ve got an idea that can change all of that.

Do you remember when your babies were born? Do you remember how you were lost in wonder, love and praise? And do you remember when they were baptized? You promised to tell them about Jesus and get them involved with their extended family in the church. And do you remember those first Christmas Eve services when their faces seemed more sparklingly brilliant than the light from the candles in their little hands? And do you remember the tears welling in your eyes when you heard them sing about that “Silent Night” for the first time? I know you remember when they saw a manger scene and yelled out with such innocent joy, “There’s baby Jesus!”

I think you know what to give them this Christmas.

You know I’m not one of those Scrooge-like Christians who make holidays look like a bad case of hemorrhoids. I like popcorn balls, candy canes, cookies with red and green sprinkles, eggnog, mistletoe, and even the funny fat man in the red suit. They help to make the season bright.

I just want you to remember why we’re so excited every year around this time. It’s all about a baby. Jesus. Emmanuel.

Why not give Jesus to the kids this year? There is something very eternal about Him. And I know you want to give them a gift that lasts forever.

Maybe that’s why they named the holiday after Him. Only somebody really important could keep us celebrating for a couple of thousand years.

Now I’m really excited.

Blessings and Love,


(a close relative)

Dr. Robert Kopp is the pastor of Bethany Presbyterian Church, Loves Park.

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