A letter to our Congressman

Editor’s note: The following is the text of Ron Macek’s July 10 letter to U.S. Congressman Don Manzullo (R-16):

My wife, Jessica, is with Freeport’s 333rd MP Company. She has been overseas since late April. She has been on Active Duty since Feb. 9. She has not slept in her own bed next to her own husband in four months and six days. AND WE STILL HAVE NO IDEA WHEN THIS NIGHTMARE CAN BE OVER FOR US!!!!!

We understand a call to duty for our nation, we truly do. However, she did not join the National Guard with an open-ended deployment in a war zone in mind. NONE OF THEM DID. We always thought the Guard was for short deployments in emergencies only.

She tells me that morale with her soldiers is extremely low; there are short tempers, long days, fear, crying soldiers, and no idea when it can be over for them. That is the root of our anguish.

These people have been uprooted from their lives and jobs, and they answered that call, yet no one can answer their most asked question:”When can I go home?” The frequency and duration of activations of not only this unit but many others will create retention and recruiting problems in the very near future. Surely sir, you must realize this.

Aside from that, the average soldier is not just a stupid order taker. We have a highly intelligent military, and they realize what is going on back home with the controversy around the evidence of WMDs. I cannot speak for other soldiers, but it disturbs my wife deeply to think that she could be over there risking her life and living a daily heartbreak based on distorted testimony.

It makes her feel like a pawn of political agenda, not an American doing good in the world. All of this together most certainly influences her ideas of retention. We need the truth. Not someone’s version of the truth, not some of the truth, but all of the truth. And we need to know when we can be reunited to live our lives together.

Thank you very much, Mr. Manzullo.

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