A Voice In The Crowd: An Open Letter to Senators Durbin and Fitzgerald and Representative Donald Manzullo

A Voice In The Crowd: An Open Letter to Senators Durbin and Fitzgerald and Representative Donald Manzullo

By Jim Spelman

Here is a letter which I have sent to my voices in Congress.


The best way to begin this letter is with my plea: Don’t support the president’s bid for an unprovoked attack on Iraq. Speak out and vote against it. Please!!!

All of the reasons for my entreaty would take more than a letter to state, so I have enclosed a copy of an essay which recently appeared in Rockford’s alternative newspaper, The Rock River Times. It expresses just some of the rational underpinnings of my position.

Others have offered equally cogent arguments for opposing the president’s persistent and unprecedented attempts to incite aggression against a country which as yet has not assaulted us. Recently, The Center for Strategic and International Studies warned that although we cannot dismiss the risk that Iraq probably possesses highly lethal weaponry, its ability or willingness to use it against distant targets is doubtful. But, the warning continued, if attacked, Iraq will surely unleash its entire arsenal against its assailants and whoever else is within range.

Also enclosed is another article from the Times reporting several incidents of police harassment of its publisher, Frank Schier. Mr. Schier describes behavior of our otherwise respected and respectful constabulary which is more than appalling.

Many of us here have concluded that the continued appearance of gendarmes at Schier’s front door and their failure to arrest the repetitious 911 false alarmer must be related to his ownership of a periodical which often publishes views that differ and dissent. Gentlemen, that behavior contravenes the protections of the First Amendment. It’s un-American. It’s a symptom of fascism!

Last Friday’s Chicago Sun-Times ran a piece by columnist Juan Andrade captioned, “Terrorists Missed Their Main Target.” The subcaption read, “Our lifestyles may have changed but not our love of freedom.”

Sadly, I think it’s just the opposite. We are sacrificing our freedom, our way of life, to save our greedy and wasteful lifestyle. If we don’t put a stop to the rampage to war, we will have become greater enemies to ourselves than Saddam Hussein could ever be!

Very truly yours,


Jim Spelman is a local attorney.

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