Alderman: Abolish city stickers

Alderman: Abolish city stickers

By Shellie Berg

At the Rockford City Council meeting Monday, April 16, Alderman Pat Curran (R-2) unveiled his idea to quash the required $15 city vehicle stickers.

“It’s unfair,” he said. “I think it’s a hassle that I don’t think our citizens have to go through.”

Curran, saying that an average household probably has two cars, would like to see the $30 as two cars included instead in property taxes, which individuals can deduct.

He noted the sticker tax, which accumulates about $1.5 million for street improvements, can’t be deducted from property taxes.

Curran stated that people don’t always buy the stickers anyway, and the ordinance is difficult to enforce. “I may buy a city sticker, and the guy down the street doesn’t buy a city sticker,” he said.

Curran indicated that even though the deadline to purchase stickers was just weeks ago, he failed to bring up the subject of abolishing the stickers so that it wouldn’t seem like a marketing ploy for his campaign.

After Curran rattled off his ideas, Mayor Charles Box stated, “I don’t know if it’s that big of a burden.” Box said that he would suggest to his successor to make Curran Chairman of the Finance and Personnel Committee. When his budget comes in with a tax increase of $1.5 million minimum, he can explain why to the public.

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