Alternative Energy–part I

Alternative Energy–part I

By Dan Slattery

Alternative Energy–Part I

I believe that it is very important that we, as the public, and especially as individuals, become educated and aware of energy use, supply, consumption and demand. I refer not only to issues involving existing sources, but alternatives.

I don’t believe that we can change and/or improve our current situation by wishing, legislating or lobbying our way out of this. I liken it to David standing before Goliath saying, “Nah na na na nah,” as Goliath stomps David like a bug. What we need to do, in my opinion, is communicate, organize and network about these issues that affect us as ratepayers and consumers.

Gasoline is pushing $3.00 per gallon. We pay the highest property taxes in the nation. Natural gas prices virtually tripled this past winter. Our prices for electricity are among the highest in the country, while we have more nuclear power plants than any other state in the union. Churches and other nonprofit organizations can barely afford to operate, if at all.

Education on these issues at the corporate level, and especially at the individual level, is, or should be, of paramount concern. It is critical. We can no longer write the check to the utilities and simply say, “OK, that’s just the way it is.”

We have alternatives. We must explore and investigate them. We’re in the 21st century now. There’s no valid reason to continue to use 19th- and 20th-century technologies other than corporate greed and politics. It’s time to move forward and stop being held hostage by these situations. Again, that will require education on an individual level. If you share my feelings on these issues, please contact the following educational organization:

Midwest Renewable Energy Association

7558 Deer Road, Custer, WI 54423

Phone: (715) 592-6595

Fax: (715) 592-6596


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