Animal Workshop buzzes into town

Debra Stiles, an independent representative of Noah’s Ark Animal Workshop in Rockford, announces the launch of a totally new traveling party concept, Bella Bee Workshop, the ultimate traveling glamour girl’s workshop.

Editor’s note: This Noah’s Ark Workshop has no affiliation with Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary in Rockford, which has charity status and seeks to get pets adopted into homes.

Bella Bee Workshop is now available in Rockford and surrounding areas, and is the ideal event for birthday parties, Scout troops or even slumber parties. The workshop gives girls between the ages of 8 and 12 years old the trendy glitter and shine products they love in an interactive party atmosphere, while focusing on building confidence and character.

“With Bella Bee, girls love the glitter and glam products the workshop offers, while parents love the positive character-building qualities attached to each shimmer and sparkle product,” says Stiles.

“Tween girls can be a challenge when it comes to understanding their beauty,” says Dina Amico-Kriescher, founder and president of Noah’s Ark Animal Workshop. “They want the cool, sparkly stuff that makes them beautiful on the outside, while Mom wants them to shine with beauty on the inside. Bella Bee Workshop understands this and has created an experience that focuses on building beauty, both on the inside and out.”

Each workshop product line sparkles with a character lesson, which is highlighted throughout the workshop event. The Berry Truth, Grape Sweethearts, Cotton Candy Confidence and Bubblegum Blue Friendship are just a few of the unique, character-building workshop lessons. As girls splash on scented glitter lotion, shimmer gel or sparkly lip gloss, the crew member conducting the workshop educates them on how to incorporated the highlighted virtue into daily life.

During Bella Bee, girls also glam up with Hollywood-style accessories such as feather boas, sparkly crowns, wands, sequin headbands, neck chokers, and even a hip hairpiece.

Girls then participate in the Character Building ceremony by writing positive traits about one another on cards, then presenting them to one another. Finally, girls take a Bella Bee Pledge, promising to always seek goodness and actively recognize the difference.

“This hands-on glamour girl’s workshop offers girls a moral approach to beauty. It encourages girls to value honesty and integrity, while making each girl feel special, beautiful and unique,” says Stiles.

Stiles explained, “Noah’s Ark Animal Workshop is a home-based business like Tupperware. We do birthday parties for children and Scouting events. We do a whole range of different kinds of events. Smaller children can make their own stuffed animals… We just started a new product line about two weeks ago in our convention. It’s called Bella Bee, for ‘tween girls who are too big for the stuffed animals but like to learn about makeup.”

For more information on the career opportunity, Bella Bee Workshop, or Noah’s Ark Animal Workshop in Rockford, contaact Debra Stiles at (815) 871-7905.

From the Sept. 6-12, 2006, issue

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