Annual Olympic Guitar Festival April 5

Annual Olympic Guitar Festival April 5

By Molly Fleming, Staff Writer

The 32nd Annual Olympic Guitar Festival will be held April 5-6 at the Hickory Grove Convention Center, off Highway 251 in Rochelle.

The Illinois Guitar League was founded by Kay Coster, past president and current member, in 1971. The league’s basic goal is to support guitar students and musicians of every age in their efforts to better themselves as performers. Their yearly event, The Annual Olympic Guitar Festival, offers participants a chance to compete in various arenas and levels of study. Each participant is required to take a written theory test; study sheets are provided to “refresh memories” and prepare for the test at the students’ lesson prior to the event.

The students of Illinois will be able to compete in the following categories: solo, duet, combo, band and entertainment according to age and level of study. Trophies and ribbons are awarded to winners in such categories, and it is great incentive for any young student of music. Judges have been chosen from the U.S. and Canada, all of whom follow the requirements of having a degree in music and being a virtuoso on guitar.

According to Koster, there were no competitions for serious-minded guitar students

until the Illinois Guitar League was created 32 years ago. In light of that fact, memberships are encouraged in an effort to keep this program up and running for as long as possible. Students who compete in the festival come from 18 different cities in Illinois, and memberships for students from more areas in the state are welcome. Dues are $20 per year for owners/operators of a music store, or a teacher operating in a managerial capacity or teaching privately out of residence or other facility.

Associate membership, for individuals working with or for a regular member of good standing, are $10 per year. Information: Contact Kay Koster at 399-1917.

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