Ants and Grasshoppers: Can I get a co-sponsor?

Imagine you and a dozen friends are at a campsite, solving the country’s problems over a roaring fire. Someone’s improvement in the education system merits a few nods of assent. A statement about making communities truly safer gets widespread agreement. In fact, almost every proposal has someone echo its merits. The campfire is similar to the way Congress begins to craft legislation, though there are far more pests in D.C. A congressman gets an idea, circulates it among his co-workers, and tries to get some co-sponsors. It gets sent to a committee to be discussed, voted on, or just ignored. What kind of legislation in the U. S. House could get nobody to agree with it? It would have to be some sort of deviant, maniacal scheme, right? I was visiting the web site of Ron Paul (R-Texas) recently, and was perusing a page of his proposed legislation from the current 108th Congressional session. He has proposed 56 bills this session (in comparison, U.S. Rep. Don Manzullo, (R-16) has 13). More than half of Paul’s proposals have no co-sponsors. To what un-American tripe is he trying to subject us? n H Con. Res. 4–Withdraw troops from S. Korea. End all aid to S. Korea. n H Con. Res. 938–To prohibit federal payments to any business, individual, or organization that engages in human cloning. n H. R. 1287–To amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to make health care more accessible and affordable. n H. R. 1514–To restore First Amendment protections of religion and religious speech. n H. R. 1941–To enforce guarantees of the First, Fourteenth, and Fifteenth amendments by prohibiting certain devices used to deny the right to participate in certain elections. n H. R. 2781–To provide greater health care freedom for seniors. No co-sponsors…on any of them? For those so inclined, read the proposals, and see if you would co-sponsor them. Or at least call Manzullo’s office with a query about any of them. Next time, when I credit Paul as one congressman I trust, or when you wonder why I called Manzullo to promote Paul for Speaker of the House, you’ll know why. A friend of mine was mentioning an idea for Rockford’s image. Since we are no longer the screw capital of the world, it would be nice if leaders united to promote us as a community of something positive. With the fiscal problems of Centre Events, entertainment might not be it, either. How about health care? No, we don’t have the Mayo Clinic, and we aren’t going to overtake Chicago very soon. With three hospitals, a medical training facility, and Rock Valley offering plenty of nursing courses, maybe it’s worth considering, though. How would Mayor Doug Scott start to implement Rockford as a health care leader? I don’t know, but I presume a decent number of health care professionals could steer him in the right direction, maybe even without raising taxes. He can even steal her idea, and we won’t sue. I can say this for sure: “Rockford: Health Care leader for the northwest Illinois area” sounds better than “We have almost as many closed shops as schools on the state watch list.” In regard to the gubernatorial recall in California, I’m intrigued by the whole concept. I don’t consider it smart politics by the Republicans, as they would have throttled Davis next time around. I figure much of the “objecting” was by people who objected to Davis’ partisan label only. To finance the printing of ballots and staff, the polls will take more money that the state shouldn’t have taken in the first place. But at least California has recall–Illinois does not. If, in Illinois, a statewide elected official is discovered to, for instance, have sold commercial driver’s licenses to support his campaign for office (not that that would ever happen in this state), the state is stuck with him until he leaves office and retires to Kankakee…or whatever town he chooses. More later on recall elections. A resident of Rockford for more than twenty-five years, Tim Huwe is a proponent of fiscal and personal responsibility.

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