Art Museum wins $11,232 of free advertising from TRRT

A drawing was held Jan. 17 from a pool of all the ads that ran in the Jan. 11-17, 2006, issue of The Rock River Times. The prize—whatever size ad the eligible companies ran would be theirs, free, for one year, if their name was drawn.

Out of the 77 display advertisers in that issue, the Rockford Art Museum won—a quarter page, full color for a year—a value of $216 per issue, totaling $11,232—for free.

Linda Dennis, executive director of the Rockford Art Museum, responded to the news of the organization’s good fortune: “This certainly, as a nonprofit organization, gives us an opportunity to do more advertising that we ordinarily would not be able to do with our normal budget. We are very grateful and thankful. Thank you.”

Nonprofit organizations please take note: All 501c3 groups receive our 52-time weekly rates, no matter how many ads you run. In other words, the $216 ad the museum ran costs for-profit businesses $283 for a one-time run, or $275 per issue for a four-time run on contract, with the rate going down on a frequency basis.

However, both nonprofit and for-profit organizations should also be aware this paper’s rates will be increasing 10 percent, effective Feb. 15. After two years of not raising prices, we must unfortunately respond to an increase in paper cost, partially due to Canada’s exchange rate. So sign a contract before Feb. 15 to take advantage of our existing rates.

Also, be sure to be running your ad next January, so that you might win a free ad for a year. The Rock River Times is happy to make this offer of good fortune once a year to our advertisers. They know an ad like the museum’s will cost at least $1,000 in another local publication.

The Rock River Times offers an excellent advertising value—people actually read our whole paper, and it lasts for a week or more. People actually collect our publication for commentary, hard-news stories and features about entertainment, renewable energy, sports, the environment, health, the organic lifestyle and cultural events.

Be sure to find the museum’s ad every week to see what this fine cultural beacon is shining on now.

Last year’s winner was Attorney Gary Flanders, whose business card ran for the year. “People do contact me because of the ad in The Rock River Times,” Flanders said. “It’s great. I had comments from people who read the little biography that went along with it when I won.”

What can The Rock River Times do for you? Call us at 964-9767—our affordable advertising works!

Congratulations and best wishes to the Rockford Art Museum! Visit them on the Web,

From the Feb. 1-7, 2006, issue

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