Artery features the art of Marek Kosiba

Artery features the art of Marek Kosiba


Artery is proud to present an exhibition of sensual acrylic abstracts by local Polish artist Marek Kosiba. A variety of his works will be on continuous display throughout the season, including but not limited to, seascapes, still-lifes and portraits. The works featured at this time, however, represent his newest excursion into blacklight-enhanced color, brilliant, timely themes—venusian, sensual physics, if you please.

As if the subject matter were not evident and instilling enough in the sheer mastery of paint and technique, fluorescent-tinged color is used in this series, adding meaningful depth and illumination to already powerful imagery. The “feminine-principle”, “elemental interaction”, “timelessness” are the terms applied to these paintings—geometry, form, color and life, are others. Being well educated and extensively international in his background, Marek Kosiba employs skills and perceptions which tend to influence how the viewer of his art thinks of art, life, our world. The ensemble on display possesses real depth, beauty and mystery, and most certainly will enhance the perceptions of anyone taking the time to investigate.

The Artery is open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. For more information, call the gallery at (815) 961-1113.

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