Assembly and Atty. Gen. Ryan want own terrorism bill+$$$

Assembly and Atty. Gen. Ryan want own terrorism bill+$$$

By Frank Schier

By Frank Schier

Editor and Publisher

Despite a $450 million budget shortfall predicted by Gov. Ryan, he has requested another $160 million to fight terrorism in Illinois.

Riding on Atty. Gen. Jim Ryan’s terrorism proposal that would broaden the death penalty, open wiretap and search rules, make seizing assets easier and curtail foreign gun permit privileges, Gov. Ryan hopes to get his and Atty. Gen. Ryan’s proposals before state law makers next week.

State Senator Dave Syverson (R-34) has appeared in the local media endorsing the legislation.

The money requested would create a radio system for all state agencies, provide thermal image and disaster equipment, train personnel and upgrade state computer on-line communications.

The American Civil Liberties Union has expressed their opposition to the plan, citing opposition to the death penalty provisions and giving too much power to the police.

The Chicago Sun-Times quoted Rep. Susana Mendoza’s (D-Chicago) advocacy for the death penalty for gang-related murders, “While I’d be supportive of doing anything to hold terrorists accountable, we need to tackle this war on terrorism on all fronts, including urban terrorism that’s homegrown in Illinois.”

Editorial comment: The Rock River Times opposes this legislation on the same basis as the ACLU. This legislation is a duplication of existing, abusive federal powers. Plus the fact that such legislation is now fiscally irresponsible, creating higher taxes in a troubled economy. Also, as we have warned, Mendoza’s remarks show that these terrorism bills are going to be turned against our people. All they have to do is classify anyone as a gangster or a terrorist, and that individual is deprived of their rights of due process and more.

Please call and write your state senator and representative immediately to express your opposition. This is urgent; they may vote the week after Thanksgiving.


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