Attack panel still bogus

Well, Henry Kissinger is gone and a new nominee is in place, so the independent commission to investigate the World Trade Center attacks will move forward now, and we’ll finally learn what really happened on 9-11, right?

Sorry, folks, but it’s just some different puppets leading the same old coverup. Under the restrictions applied to this panel, any significant findings will not be made public. Staff members are technically government employees and can be severely penalized for leaking classified information.

One bunch that should not be part of this inquiry is the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), which has many members in high-level posts throughout the government. The CFR, for 80 years, has been working for abandonment of U.S. sovereignty and submission to a world government.

There also should not be membership from among those who have had contact and involvement with U.S. intelligence agencies. That includes members of Congress who served on intelligence committees.

The new commission chairman is Thomas Kean, former governor of New Jersey and president of Drew University. Kean also is a director of Amerada Hess, a leading independent oil and gas company. That company is tied to Delta Oil, a Saudi Arabian company involved in a joint venture with Delta, known as Delta-Hess.

This partnership is involved in development of Caspian Sea oil reserves. Delta is owned by the families of Khalid bin Mahfouz and Mohammed Hussein al Amoudi. Bin Mahfouz’ sister married Osama bin Laden. Both families are reputed to be major financial supporters of Osama and al-Qaeda.

Kean is also co-chairman of the Homeland Security Project, which had considerable input into drafting the legislation creating the Office of Homeland Security. He is a CFR member.

The vice chairman and former Congressman Lee Hamilton took the place of George Mitchell, former Senate majority leader who resigned. Mitchell is a CFR member; so is Hamilton.

In Congress, Hamilton chaired the House Select Intelligence Committee and the House Foreign Affairs Committee. He also headed a committee looking into drug smuggling by the CIA during the Iran-Contra Affair. Hamilton concluded there was no truth to such claims. The CIA recently admitted the drug operation.

Jamie Gorelick is another CFR member and one of the most powerful women in the country. In 1995, she served on the Intelligence Community Law Enforcement Policy Board.

She was in the midst of the scandal over BCCI, the Bank of Commerce and Credit International. Gorelick was a member of the legal team defending Clark Clifford and Robert Altman, both top officers of First American Bank, which was taken over by BCCI aided by Jackson Stephens’ Lippo Worthen Bank and the Rose Law Firm, which included Webster Hubbell and Hillary Rodham. First American sued two of Stephens’ companies, including Systematics, in a controversy over PROMIS software. Systematics and PROMIS (Prosecutor’s Management Information System) are both powerful computer tracking and information gathering programs made famous by the ”Inslaw Affair” scandal.

Another member of the 9-11 panel is Richard Ben-Veniste, a high-powered Washington lawyer and Democratic power broker. He was counsel to the Senate Whitewater investigation. While in that capacity, he blocked inquiries into Hubbell’s hiring by the Lippo Group (owned by the Indonesian Riady family accused of spying for the Chinese government) and other groups administered by Truman Arnold.

Ben-Veniste then defended Arnold, whom he was supposedly investigating, when Arnold was hauled before Ken Starr’s Whitewater grand jury. (Starr was revealed to be a lobbyist for the Lippo Group.) According to Daniel Hopsicker, a former NBC investigative reporter, Arnold was a close friend of Wally Hilliard, who owned the flight school in Venice, Fla., where the alleged 9-11 hijackers trained as pilots.

Ben-Veniste also represented Barry Seal, the nation’s leading CIA drug smuggler during the Iran-Contra years, who was involved in the operations at Mena, Ark., where drugs were flown into the remote airstrip in return for arms flown back to the Nicaraguan Contras. ( Seal was gunned down the day before he was scheduled to testify in the Mena scandal. Seal was known as the “ghost” of the Whitewater land development investigation.).

Fred Fielding is another commission member. He worked with John Dean in the Nixon administration and was implicated in the Watergate scandal. Later he served as White House Counsel to President Ronald Reagan. He also was a member of the Bush transition team in 2001 and helped screen applicants for White House jobs.

It isn’t looking good, folks. As author Gore Vidal said weeks ago, George W. Bush is not going to allow any real probe of that horrific day.

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