Auction your legal case to the lowest-bidding attorney at

Auction your legal case to the lowest-bidding attorney at


Attorneys have often been accused of monopolizing the courts, artificially complicating the legal process, artificially maintaining high legal fees. Auctioning of legal cases at CourtroomAuction.Com democratizes attorney selection process. It takes the mystery out of legal fees, and opens the attorney monopoly to the kind of bidding competition that prevails in the rest of the marketplace. Don’t we ask for at least three bids on any significant project we undertake in other expensive and complicated undertakings? Why not ask for bids with regard to legal fees? Why not shop and compare attorney attributes and their fees as we would with building contractors or the host of other service providers?

Logging on to CourtroomAuction.Com, consumers privately, anonymously and securely provide the details of their legal cases (such as divorce, bankruptcy, personal injury, medical malpractice, product liability, trust/estate, immigration, traffic, DUI and criminal). The information is gathered and verified by CourtroomAuction.Com. Anonymous cases are presented to attorneys to assess them for the purpose of preparing an offer to the anonymous listing party. CourtroomAuction.Com is not the typical dotcom business model. It is a combination of dotcom and bricks and mortar. It combines old-fashioned customer service (living beings) with new technologies to produce a better product faster and for less money. As a result of this hybrid business model, consumers without computer access (technology) can call a toll-free telephone number to provide their case information the old-fashioned way. The emphasis on everything at CourtroomAuction.Com is, “We are here to help.” It is one of the few Web sites where the company’s toll-free telephone number appears conspicuously while many other Web sites minimize consumer telephone contact, preferring FAQs and general Web contact only.

What does CourtroomAuction.Com mean to the consumer?

Information, as it relates to an individual legal case, is compiled and prepared through a highly specialized forms process. Information only has to be collected, organized and verified once, before it is anonymously distributed to many attorneys. Multiple exploratory visits to find and interview attorneys are avoided. The same, and sometimes embarrassing, story does not have to be told over and over again. The hours and the expense of driving, parking, using elevators, waiting in lobbies are avoided. The individual case information questionnaire takes only a few minutes to complete. Completing the questionnaire will make the first office visit with the new attorney shorter and smoother. There is no time off work or lost wages using the auction. The best attorney for the money can be located—fast. The consumer controls the attorney selection process. Every attorney’s bid is accompanied by an informative personal profile. Many attorneys can be scrutinized at one time (shop from home, shop around). Individual case information is always anonymous, secure and private. The winning attorney and only the winning attorney contacts the listing party. CourtroomAuction.Com services are always absolutely free to the listing parties.

What’s in it for the attorneys?

Attorneys compete with each other now. At CourtroomAuction.Com, it is the speed at which the process moves and the volume of information that will change the way attorneys acquire cases. Attorneys are exposed to more cases in a day with the auction than in a month at their office. The average attorney, with a limited advertising budget, will be exposed to legions of cases annually and only needs to bid successfully on a small fraction of the volume of cases to succeed at the auction. New cases are regularly e-mailed to attorneys so there is no chasing around on the web to see what might be there. All the attorney has to do is monitor his/her e-mail, and one decent case all year can more than pay for membership to the site.

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