Bass players: Ampeg does it right with the BA115T

When it comes to dragging gear from gig to gig, bass players can have it rough, although not usually as bad as drummers have it. However, hauling large speaker cabinets and heavy heads can be just as time consuming and grueling as lugging around large drum bags and hardware cases.

Ampeg, perhaps the most trusted name in bass amps, offers any bass player the opportunity to leave the big stuff at home and still play through a solid rig in virtually any size room.

The Ampeg BA115T is a compact combo rig that offers everything a gigging bass player needs. With features that have made Ampeg a staple in the gear industry, the BA115T includes 100 watts of power, three- band EQ and a 12AU7 tube integrated into a solid pre-amp circuit.

I know some players need the power to drive as much punch as they can drag out of their rigs, which is very understandable. But don’t worry, this little 100-watt combo gives you all that and more.

With the 15-inch speaker the Piezo tweeter, it more than gets the job done. The BA115T is sleek with its tilt-back style, which allows it to project wonderfully in the studio and on stage. Depending on the sound system, this amp also mics up nicely without the need to push it, despite the fact it only packs 100 watts of power.

This Ampeg also includes RCA inputs, perfect for plugging in a CD player for quiet practice in the bedroom.

The BA115T weighs 62 pounds, and the dimensions of its birch cabinet are 21 inches by 16 inches, making portability easy.

This combo lists for around $600. Most retailers are parting with them for about $450-$500, which is a great buy. It also includes a dust cover.

Ampeg began making bass amps in 1969 to accommodate the need for the big sounds required at large arena shows. Over the years, the company has used keen technology and craftsmanship, making its bass amplifiers a benchmark for quality among the world’s top bass players.

More information about Ampeg bass amplifiers can be found at

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from the May 2-8, 2007, issue

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