Big Mike, Little Mike, and Mayor Captain Quick-Take

Big Mike, Little Mike, and Mayor Captain Quick-Take

By Judy J. Howard

Big Mike, Little Mike and Mayor Captain Quick-Take

By Judy J. Howard

A Democrat-Marxist (D-M) coup! Post Office employee Little Mike Bliss and government grant writer/recipient Big Mike Williams governing the school board! Pro-abortion, pro-physician-assisted suicide, Captain Quick-Take Democrat-Marxist Doug Scott mayor-elect. Our city has evolved into a D-M political experiment. Not only have we elected school board members dependent on socialist government parenting, we also have a socialist mayor-elect.

Taxpaying, working men/women will be forced to hand over hard-earned dollars to fund Marxist blame games. No self-responsibility in Marxist doctrine. Public school children raised by non-parent school authorities. No parental responsibility. Taxpayers blamed for minority public school children’s academic failures. D-M politicians have successfully racially divided our city.

Responsible taxpaying parents who have chosen private or home school for their children, remain billed for expensive public school failures. Redistribution of wealth, as Marxists say. Years of property tax increases while property values decrease. Finally, court-approved unitary status facilitated by our current school board majority is within sight. Thankfully, Ted and Patti remain on the board until November. Then clouds again descend on our city. By the way, isn’t Mrs. Big Mike’s school administrator job a conflict of interest for Mr. Big Mile?

Ritalin update

Citizens for Excellence in Education Director Dr. Robert Simonds has been contacted by “class-action firms” preparing their misuse of Ritalin cases for federal courts. These attorneys are asking for parents’ (and concerned teachers’) names whose children, against parents’ wishes, were prescribed Ritalin, Adderal, Prozac, Luvox, Zoloft, Paxil, etc., as well as side effects the children suffered. They also would like to talk with them concerning intimidation tactics school authorities used. Contact Dr. Robert Simonds, P.O. Box 3200, Costa Mesa, CA 92628 or phone (949) 251-9333.

What about China?

China, the country which imprisons innocent people–whether American servicemen/women or citizens who disagree with Communist politics. Why is it such a threatening nation? Here’s a history lesson! Remember the Klinton-Gore (K-G) years? K-G, in their eight years of apostate legislation, left a legacy of a militarily weak U.S. K-G irresponsibly gave China ballistic missile technology, enabling Chinese tyrants to destroy U.S. cities. The fox was in the henhouse when K-G roosted in D.C.

Donations for the Democrat-Marxist party bought American supercomputers, Panama Canal control, Permanent-Most-Favored-Nation trade status (PMFNTS) and free trade of cheap Chinese goods. Many books are available describing these atrocities, including Bitter Legacy edited by Chris Ruddy and Carl Limbacher, The China Threat by Bill Gertz, Washington Times journalist, and Year of the Rat by Bill Triplett and Ed Timperlake. K-G sold American technology to their Marxist trade partner, permitting Chinese politicians to aim super-sophisticated ballistic missiles at the U.S.

The Taipei Times, April 3, 2001, released an article titled, “U.S. Airplane was Probing New Warship,” describing the latest incident as an attempt by U.S. surveillance to survey a Russian-built ship recently purchased by China, against which we have no defense. Thanks, K-G. It’s time to call our congressional men/women, including Don Manzullo, and Dick Durbin, telling them to rescind PMFNTS for China.

Muslim atrocities continue

Over the past few years, we have been forced to become educated in the Muslim religion, Islam. Yasser Arafat and his cronies have used misguided Muslims to hate, and eventually kill, Israeli Jews. Many times we have read about Muslim children recruited to martyr themselves in Arafat’s crusade against Jews. Martyrs’ families receive monetary rewards for their children’s deaths. Unfortunately, Muslim-initiated atrocities are not limited to Israel.

Journalist Gary Lane visited Indonesia, seeing radical Muslims kill Indonesian Christians unless they agreed to convert to the Muslim faith. Children are not spared in this “holy war.” Male/female children are forcibly circumcised or killed. Indonesia’s Maluku Islands are death traps for Christians. Armed Jihad warriors on Kasiui Island, at the start of the Muslim Ramadan festival last November, forced Islamic conversion of 600 Christians (CBN News, April 6, 2001,

Rather than hate their tormentors, the Christian residents forgive them, blessing their enemies as taught in the Bible. Twenty-year-old Dominggus Kenjam, his head nearly severed from his body, is now recovering while praying for his attacker’s forgiveness.

What a reminder as we prepare to celebrate Messiah Jesus’ death and resurrection. On the cross, Jesus prayed, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” Of course, Jesus did not remain on the cross but was buried and rose to be our promised Messiah. The cross is empty. As Jesus said, “It is finished.” His way of salvation is open for all repentant sinners. Have a wonderful Resurrection Sunday.

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