Bits & P.C.’s: WWW – Weird World Web

Bits & P.C.’s: WWW – Weird World Web

By By Richard Heller

This week we will take a look at a few of the “strange” sites on the triple w.

When you were in school, one of the classes that you had to take was biology. One of the things that you got to do was to dissect a frog. Nowadays you can do the same thing without getting the blood on your hands. Through the web site, you can dissect a virtual frog while at the same time it will give you a biology lesson.

Carrying this a step farther, will allow you to do essentially the same thing to a famous pop star through their Britney Exposed web site.

What do Pringles and wireless networking have in common? Through the web site, you can find out how to extend the range of your wireless network for about $10 in parts and two Pringles Potato Chip cans. These cans are foil-lined and work similar to a miniature satellite dish, enabling you to make a directional microwave antenna. They claim that the performance is comparable to antennas selling for $150 and have a range up to 10 miles across open terrain.

Did you play with Legos when you were a kid? How would you like to visit a museum of horrors built of Lego blocks? Check out Lego Death at

If you would rather see Bible scenes done in Legos, check out the Brick Testament at If cooking is your interest, the Lego Chef at,3699,460262,00.html may be of interest.

Even stranger is a site where you can be a Lego character. The You as Lego site will let you put your face and body features on a Lego character.

Are you a Monty Python and a Lego fan? You can find a re-enactment of the Knights of the Round Table done in Lego at,3699,2405283,00.html.

Are you into barnyard animals? You may want to Fling the Cow at, or you can Milk the Cow at If you were a fan of Breakout you may want to try Bovine Breakout at

If you like Doom or Quake, you can “Save Yer Bacon” at If poultry is your interest, “Chicken-fight” at will allow your chicken a chance to defeat a worm.

On a serious note, it is still important that you keep your anti-virus software updated and that you scan ALL e-mail that you receive. The Klez virus and its variations are still running rampant and are quite destructive. Klez can disable your anti-virus program, corrupt program files causing crashes and lock-ups, and in some cases it can re-format the hard drive and corrupt the system BIOS, rendering the computer unusable.

Klez can spread by a method know as “spoofing,” which means that the virus is on your computer, but it sends itself to another computer but uses someone else’s name from your address book. The person who receives the e-mail with the virus thinks that the person shown in the “from” line sent it to him, but it actually came from you. This virus is very nasty and difficult to remove.

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