Blink-182 shows mature side on new CD

Blink-182 proves that punk rock isn’t just for angst-ridden adolescents on its latest release Blink-182. While the CD will certainly appeal to this age group, the band offers a more mature and darker view that will attract older listeners as well.

It seems fitting that the members of Blink-182 would release a self-titled album at this stage of their career because it appears they finally understand themselves. This newfound knowledge is expressed in their introspective and thought-provoking lyrics. For the most part, the trio’s songwriting is much more sophisticated and melodic compared to past efforts.

The disc kicks off with the current single, “Feeling This.” The album showcases the collective talents of bassist Mark Hoppus and guitarist Tom DeLonge as the two periodically exchange vocal duties and then reunite for an a cappella at the end. Travis Barker also proves to be an integral member by continually providing impressive drum solos, particularly on “The Fallen Interlude.”

While the record has no weak songs, “I Miss You” emerges as one of the strongest. This haunting number perfectly conveys the feelings of frustration, despair and subtle indignation with lines like “Don’t waste your time on me/You’re already the voice inside my head.” Additionally, the band teams with Robert Smith from the Cure on “All Of This,” an interesting collaboration that brings some welcome diversity to the album.

Although Blink-182 has a more adult persona, fans of the group’s angry, anti-establishment image won’t be disappointed with songs like “Go” and “Easy Target.”

Blink-182 deserves the critical acclaim it will receive with this album. They have managed to evolve and add new dimensions to their music without sacrificing their original sound. Quite simply, the boys of Blink-182 have grown up. Luckily, their music only gets better with age.

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