Book helps readers get in touch with spirit guides

Heart Path: Learning to Love Yourself and Listening to Your Guides, released in February 2007, is the third book by Robin H. Lysne. John Gray, author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus, said, “Learning self-love is something everyone needs to learn. Heart Path offers readers a way to love themselves without limits.”

According to Lysne, lack of self-love is the underlying issue for a world at war, substance abuse and a culture that disregards nature, always chasing after the next new thing. If we loved ourselves first, then we could love others more. Differences would be better tolerated, and lines in the sand would disappear. We all know that love heals all things, but how do we love ourselves? Is there a process that can teach us this simple self-reflective step?

The antidote to our too-fast culture, says Lysne, is not only to slow down, but also to listen to our own heart. In the West, we have not learned how to do this. We have been taught to work hard, play hard and keep going. Everything is externally driven. Sports activities, music lessons, education, weekend festivals and visits with friends. Nothing in Western culture allows us to stop and be. But it is possible for us to stop and really find out what the inside us needs. By listening to ourselves, “our inner theatre” as the author calls it, we resolve and heal locked-away feelings that have been buried deep inside. We learn to be a loving parent to self. We learn how to negotiate with the internal, disagreeing sides. We also know that we are not alone. We have help and learn how to access that help. We can find inner peace and rest in that peace day by day. Heart Path takes the reader one step at a time, and through examples and exercises, teaches how to find and nurture an inner self. It also teaches that we are not alone, that each of us has spiritual guides and how we can access them. At the end of the book, Heart Path offers messages for our time from spirits of light.

This is the third book by Robin (Heeren) Lysne. Conari Press published her first two, Dancing Up the Moon, A Woman’s Guide to Creating Traditions That Bring Sacredness to Daily Life, and Living a Sacred Life, 365 Meditations and Celebrations. Her poetry has been published in North American Review, Porcupine and several other anthologies. As an author, poet and medium, Lysne offers workshops, lectures and channeled presentations across the country. She is also a substance abuse counselor. Lysne is able to speak to a wide variety of audiences in their own language about self-love.

Blue Bone Books publishes spirituality and poetry books and CDs for children and adults. Begun in February 2006, the press begins its inaugural year with the publication of Heart Path, Path of the Heart CD, and a tape of poems called Rippling Moon from her first book, all by Robin H. Lysne.

To schedule a talk, book signing or lecture, call (831) 457-2483 or (877) 222-1360, or online at

from the June 20-26, 2007, issue

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