Book helps women discover their gifts

SOUTH BEND, Ind.—Finding our rightful place and purpose in the world is always a daunting task to achieve, especially for women since men continue to dominate leadership and influential positions of society. In her new book, author Darla Murray Loomis expresses her belief that the “crossroad of transformation” will help others understand themselves better and move further along their spiritual and transformation paths. These are the lessons that can be learned in her new book, Temporary Temples of Beauty.

In Temporary Temples of Beauty, Loomis guides us on how to powerfully use what is sacred within all of us out in the marketplace. The reader will discover how to take our deepest desires within our hearts and put them in a form that has the ability to manifest beauty, health and fulfillment in specific and practical ways. The book teaches us how to work and live a life of joy by bringing together spirituality and business in the service of healing. Loomis guides others in this difficult task with inspiration from women who have gone before us as well as sharing her own contemporary spiritual journey as an artist, a single mother, and a small-business owner.

Readers will be amazed with the collection of fascinating personal and professional stories weaved throughout the book, which share the continual process of leaving one reality for a deeper one. With courage and compassion, Loomis answers questions with firm conviction through chapters such as the following:

Surrendering to the Arms of the Creative

Creativity Takes an Economic Stand

Voice of Creation

Making Transformation Your Business

The author challenges us to align ourselves to our natural rhythm. To find our center alone, discover our own truth, look into our hearts, listen to our selves, and confront our difficulties as women in a healthy and creative way. In the end, she believes that we must all find our own medicine and our own true path in life and that our spiritual health is our wealth. This book will undoubtedly attract women as well as people who seek inspiration to live a more authentic life. Temporary Temples of Beauty is now available for your reading pleasures online at

Darla Murray Loomis is an environmental entrepreneur, literary artist, healer and teacher who understands the importance of balancing and creating a synergy of business, family and personal transformation. A third-generation entrepreneur and second-generation award-winning pioneer in the beauty and healing arts industry, Darla grew up behind the scenes in the beauty and salon business. Visit her Web site at

Temporary Temples of Beauty is available in trade paperback at $10, or cloth hardback at $16.99. The publisher may be reached at (888) 795-4274, ext. 876, phone, or fax (610) 915-0294.

From the Sept. 6-12, 2006, issue

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