Book of Raw Food available December 2003

Raw food is the new classic vegetarian cuisine.

In this landmark collection of more than 350 recipes, 49 of the world’s top raw food chefs share their tips on how to create fabulous meals using the freshest live ingredients. The tasty raw food creations featured in The Complete Book of Raw Food allow the beauty and flavor of fresh fruits and vegetables to really shine.

Raw foodists believe heating foods above 105 to 115 degrees kills their health-giving enzymes. But don’t think that 350 raw food recipes means 350 recipes for salad and carrot sticks! Among the recipes included in this collection are traditional favorites like lasagna and zucchini bread, as well as more inventive dishes like easy pad thai, super broccoli quiche, and creamed strawberry pie. Made completely from living foods, these creations are packed with essential vitamins and minerals—and more importantly, they’re delicious!

The Complete Book of Raw Food,

Edited by Julie Rodwell ISBN 1-57826-143-0 is, $25 cloth, Published by Hatherleigh Press, an Affiliate of W.W. Norton and Company. The book will be available in bookstores nationwide in December 2003.

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