Book Review : The Dragonfly’s Dance a gripping tale of suspense and intrigue

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Once you start reading The Dragonfly’s Dance by Les Morgan, prepare to get caught in a gripping tale of suspense and intrigue as modern computer technology brings the traditional spy story to a new level.

In a multi-layered fabric of intricate detail, Morgan weaves a story of government CIA agents matching wits against each other. When ex-agent Stuart Fallen tries to solve the mystery of his wife’s murder, he uncovers a high-level plot against his own life, and a whole new adventure begins.

Along the way, Fallen finds unexpected allies in two people: Jason Teller, a has-been newspaper reporter, and Rachel Wicks, a rare bookseller.

As these three people are thrown together, seemingly by coincidence, they forge an unbreakable alliance, and finally are forced to run for their lives.

Meanwhile, pursuing agents are desperately trying to catch them, and their boss is almost beside himself to get his man while keeping a lid on the developing situation.

The story takes many surprising twists and turns—up to the heights of official secrecy and down to the depths of deceit and treachery. You can follow the action from all viewpoints as the various sectors converge—all borne along on the gossamer wings of a very special dragonfly.

This “bug” is a piece of high-tech surveillance equipment that the CIA had previously rejected because of defects, but is “revived” by a CIA computer specialist who thinks he can fix it. But this enterprising insect seems to have a mind of its own, and things soon get out of control.

The plot, based in the Washington, D.C., area, flits around the various locations—anywhere a dragonfly can go. Watch as those who seem to be all-powerful with a world of technology at their service suddenly find themselves caught up in a series of unplanned events.

Catch this dragonfly, and you won’t be disappointed—it will take you on a fascinating journey. The novel is available from AuthorHouse (ISBN: 978-1-4343-0857-3), at or may be ordered from your local bookstore, retail price $15.99 plus tax.

Interview with Les Morgan

The Rock River Times spoke with author Les Morgan about his book.

TRRT: How did you get the idea to write this book?

Morgan: The idea came from an Associated Press release back in December 2003. It was an article about the actual private spy museum, and the article did mention the dragonfly, and the combination of the two sounded like a good idea for the book. It’s at CIA headquarters in Langley (Virginia). There is also a public spy museum in Washington, D.C., down by the mall. But there is a CIA one, which is private. That’s the one that is only open to employees and their guests.

TRRT: So there is an actual museum, then?

Morgan: It certainly is; an ironic part is that since I wrote that book, the CIA has now posted a virtual tour of that museum on the Internet. The Web site is—click on link for “Virtual Tour.” You still can’t get in there. But if you go to that site, they have a display of the dragonfly—some photographs and a description of it. I thought that was kind of interesting.

TRRT: Were any of the characters modeled on people you know or heard about?

Morgan: No, not at all. They’re strictly fictional.

TRRT: Did you have any kind of outline before you started on how to draw the elements of the plot together?

Morgan: No. This was my first novel, and when I had read the article in the newspaper, I kind of let it simmer and boil in my mind for about six months before I started writing. I just started writing the novel. I had some previous idea about what I wanted the characters to do, but no plan. I just started typing and pretty much let the characters decide where the plot was going. I had a few ideas about where I wanted to go…but after I started writing, that really drove the plot, that drove the twists and turns for where the plot would go.

TRRT: I understand you are working on a sequel?

Morgan: Yes. I am currently about nine chapters into the sequel. It is going to bring back Stuart Fallen as well as Fred Alden, and Charlie, Fallen’s buddy. I’m really excited about the sequel. It’s going to have an interesting story, and I’m also going to develop the characters so the readers get to know these two people a little bit better.

Note: Les Morgan will hold a local book signing and discussion about The Dragonfly’s Dance at 7:30 p.m., Friday, Sept. 28, at Barnes & Noble, 6685 E. State St., Rockford.

from the Sept. 19 – 25, 2007, issue

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