Boone County Health Department to offer flu vaccines

Influenza (flu) season is quickly approaching. The Boone County Health Department will be offering flu vaccines for $18. Payment may be made by cash, check, or Medicare can be billed for those with Medicare Part B. Due to the cost increases of pneumonia vaccine, the Boone County Health Department will not offer pneumonia shots until Medicare reimbursement is changed.

Influenza (flu) is an acute, highly contagious infection of the respiratory tract. It is a virus that is passed from an infected person to the nose or throat of others. It can occur in a community in just a few people or become an epidemic. In the United States, “flu season” is typically from November through April. The types of influenza viruses may change each year, so it is important that you receive a flu shot each year. Protection from the virus develops about two weeks after getting the “shot.” Some symptoms of the flu are: headache, cough, weakness, fever, chills, sore throat and muscle aches. Influenza causes about 36,000 deaths each year in the U.S., mostly among the elderly.

An annual flu shot is recommended for children 6-23 months of age, everyone 50 years of age and older, and anyone who has a serious long-term health problem such as heart, lung or kidney disease, asthma, blood disorder, etc.

The viruses in the vaccine are killed, so you cannot get the flu from the vaccine. The only reaction you should experience is soreness at the injection site.

Remember, the “flu bug” is not likely to catch you if you practice good handwashing and get a flu shot!

For a schedule of flu clinics, call 544-2951, ext. 238. For questions regarding the flu vaccine, call 544-9730 and ask to speak to a nurse.

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