Bottle of Justus returns to Kryptonite Nov. 29

College pop rock band Bottle of Justus will return to Kryptonite this Saturday with opening act by Model One.

Bottle of Justus’ current CD, On Air, sounds just like the band live—clean, poppy and a little droney at times.

Bottle of Justus definitely has potential to be played on Top 40 stations, although, according to Pulse reporter Gary Gangi in an October review, Bottle of Justus transcends the “mainstream.”

The band formed in 1997 when twin brothers Chris and Joe Quinlan began their college years at Illinois State University. Eventually, they hooked up with bassist Jeff Johnson and drummer Erik Bogdonas and began playing the college circuit at parties.

After releasing their first album, Sunday Midwest Afternoon, they took on manager Jeff Becicka, who has gotten them into large venues such as The House of Blues in Chicago and Summerfest in Milwaukee. He also made it possible for the group to open for the likes of Cake, Cheap Trick, Rusted Root, Soul Asylum, They Might Be Giants and many others.

On Air was produced by Jason Elgin, who has produced albums by Creed. There is something reminiscent of the God rock band since Bottle of Justus’ vocals have the bizarre emphasized “Eeer” sound in every word that was made so popular by Pearl Jam and Alanis Morissette. They aren’t so much college rock as much as sophisticated grad-student pop now, which is probably better. Their lyrics are well developed, and their songs aren’t too whiny.

Music starts at 10 p.m. with a $5 cover. Information: 965-0931.

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