Bread for the soul of low-carb diets

In these days of the Atkin’s Diet, low carbs are everything. We see low-carb products on the shelves of the local grocery and liquor stores, and even no bun burgers at McMonald’s. All of this is sure to make the butcher happy and the baker lonely—at least until now.

Yes, we now have low-carb bread. Quite impossible, you might say, yet, O’So Lo Foods has come out with just that—Lo-Carb Deli Rollz with only 3.8 grams to 5.2 grams of carbohydrates per serving. They are also cholesterol-free, sugar-free, dairy-free and Kosher.

Of course, being a vegetarian most of my life, I had to check the ingredients. My curiosity also got the better of me as I wondered how anyone could achieve this seemingly impossible feat.

I was surprised to see that the main foundation of the recipe was seitan, which is flour that has been stretched and rinsed over and over until all the starch has been removed and only the gluten remains. Quite clever, I thought, but how do they taste?

O’So Lo Foods’ Lo-Carb Deli Rollz come in a box of three, and are individually wrapped to stay fresh. And stay fresh they do.

The rolls I tried were Italian Herb, although the rolls are also available in Original and Onion flavors.

Over the course of three or four days, I ate them plain, with soup and cheese, and as a sandwich. Although somewhat oily, I was quite impressed by their soft, moist texture. Though chewy, they were not heavy and the flavor went well with just about everything, as a real bread should.

Even for those not on Atkin’s, these rolls would make a pleasant diversion at the dinner table.

O’So Lo Foods’ Lo-Carb Deli Rollz are available at the following locations:

• Nutrition Works, 6144 Riverside Blvd., Loves Park, 282-0363;

• Nutrition Works, 4010 E. State St., Rockford, 397-6850;

• Bread of Life Vitamins, 221 E. State St., Belvidere, 544-3447;

• Nutrition Works, Inc., 325 N. Church St., Rockford, 963-1291;

• Basics Natural Food Market, 1221 Woodman Rd., Janesville, 608-754-3925.

More information on O’So Lo Foods available at

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