Bridal: A grooming guide for a guy’s big day

StoryImage( ‘/Images/Story//Auto-img-117752813513469.jpg’, ‘Photo courtesy of ARA Content’, ‘The best time to shave is after your shower or bath because the skin and hair has softened from the steamy heat, and you can get a quality shave with less abrasion. ‘);

Weddings are often all about the bride. Her gown is passed down through generations. Her hairstyle is planned months in advance. Only a select few are even allowed to gaze upon her before the magical moment when she walks down the aisle. But what about the groom?

These days, men are taking a more active role in preparing for their weddings. It’s part of a larger trend of men caring more about their appearance. In the last 10 years, the men’s grooming category has tripled, making it one of the fastest-growing segments in the beauty industry. Guys are spending more time on shaving and primping—around 3.1 hours per week.

As grooms spend more time prepping for their big day, here are some easy grooming tips designed to help men look their best for their brides.

Face “I do” with confidence—To get your face camera-ready and crowd pleasing, start using a moisturizer now. There are many available options created specifically for men like Save the Males Multi-benefit moisturizer by Origins. It features Avocado extract to control oil and Chinese Wolfberry and Mangosteen extract for antioxidant protection. Look for special ingredients, like Sunflower Seed and Cucumber extract, that help create a moisture barrier—particularly important for men after shaving or lying in the sun on their honeymoon.

The mane event—Get your hair cut a week before the wedding. “Have your hair styled any later than a week before the wedding, and it will look like you just got it cut. Doing it a week before will ensure your look is neat and well-groomed, and you’re looking your best,” says Brian Boye, fashion and grooming editor for Men’s Health.

Smooth sailing—First, choose a quality, gender-specific razor. Razors designed for men have precise angles for optimum shaving for the face. A new razor will provide the closest shave and help eliminate razor burn. The best time to shave is after your shower or bath because the skin and hair has softened from the steamy heat, and you can get a quality shave with less abrasion.

Boye suggests that grooms apply a pre-shave oil before their shave cream. Boye says, “Pre-shave oil provides a slick surface for the razor to glide easily over your face.” A natural choice is Origins Easy Slider, which softens beard hair and helps eliminate razor friction. Follow up with an after-shave that includes natural ingredients to refresh newly-shaven skin. Remember to avoid multiple swipes over skin, and splash with cold water right after shaving to close pores.

Be “hand-some”—Also consider getting a manicure the day before the wedding. Most guys are surprised by how pleasurable it is to have someone taking care of their hands. And your bride will appreciate this added touch when her hand is in yours.

Smile for the camera—In preparation for the nuptials, make sure your pearly whites are as bright as her dress. Before, teeth whitening was expensive and time-consuming. Today, there are many at-home options that work in as little as two weeks. Toothpaste even comes in whitening formulas. Try using one starting a month before the wedding to ensure a sparkling smile.

By thinking ahead with these grooming tips, grooms can look and feel their best.

Courtesy of ARA Content

from the April 25-May 1, 2007, issue

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