Bridal: Preparing for out-of-town wedding guests

Weddings are an exciting and busy time for everyone. As the couple prepares to celebrate their bond, family and friends are preparing for the big day, too. For out-of-town guests, traveling can be confusing, expensive and take a lot of time.

“When planning a wedding, a couple can help out-of-town guests feel like locals by providing some easy and fun information,” says Jenny Heger, account manager for AmericInn. “Not only is the hotel they stay at important, but other travel worries can be eased by providing some simple ideas from the bride and groom. I’ve worked with couples planning weddings before, and being proactive with guests of all kinds can ensure a wonderful wedding for everyone.”

Make life easier for special guests who are traveling to the ceremony by including some of these ideas in your invitation or another communication:

Hotel—Choose hotels located near the site of the wedding or reception. Guests will then have an easy time finding their way to the big event. A hotel is also a refuge from all the wedding activities. Make sure the one you choose is quiet and well managed. For example, AmericInn hotels are built with AmericInn SoundGuard construction, which reduces sounds and vibrations. Hotels with amenities such as a pool, complimentary breakfast and free Internet access are also items that guests will appreciate.

Dining—During the many events that take place for a wedding, guests might need to grab a quick bite to eat. Make a list of recommended restaurants or cafés so they know where they can get a good meal at an affordable price. You could even include coupons to your favorite places. Above all else, this helps your guests experience the local eateries of the town.

Maps—Nobody likes to get lost, especially when something as important as a wedding is happening. Be sure to include a map not only to where the ceremony is, but also the reception and any other locations the guest might need. For example, including a comprehensive map with the event locations as well as locations of convenience stores, local restaurants and parks will make out-of-town guests feel more comfortable.

Activities—For downtime between wedding activities, guests might appreciate suggestions of fun and interesting activities, especially for those who are traveling with a family. Make a list of some easy places to visit such as local parks, movie theaters, museums, or even interesting and unique shops.

Contact—Of course the bride and groom will be busy during the days of and previous to the ceremony, so they will not be the best people to contact for information. Talk to someone who lives in the city about being the contact for out-of-town guests. This person could be a family member or a friend who lives locally. Include this person’s name and number as a resource for guests who will be traveling.

Finances—When planning all of the above, keep guests’ finances in mind. The cost of traveling and attending a wedding can get quite high. Keep guests’ budgets in mind when choosing hotel, restaurants and activities. Your guests will enjoy their stay more and appreciate the extra effort you put in just for them.

“Providing extra information to out-of-town guests will give them peace of mind during their travels and the best possible memories from your wedding,” adds Heger.

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from the April 25-May 1, 2007, issue

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