Bridal: Top tips for floral arrangements on the luckiest wedding day of the year

The number seven is associated with luck and many couples across the country, including celebrities like Eva Longoria and Tony Parker, are taking advantage and planning to wed on the luckiest day of the year—07-07-07. Aside from choosing the right date, flowers are considered to be one of the most important elements of your wedding day. Whether you are planning an elaborate affair or prefer to keep things simple, Laura Milder, ProFlowers designer and floral expert, offers tips on choosing the perfect flowers for your special day.

Pick your palette—Say goodbye to muted tones and pastels; 2007 is all about bright colors making bold statements. For those planning to wed this summer, yellow and pinks are expected to be the hot colors of the season. Big, bold yellow sunflowers radiate warmth and tranquility and are the perfect addition to any garden wedding. Romantic roses tied with bold ribbons and pearls are both sophisticated and timeless, and beautifully complement any style of wedding gown.

Eco-conscious—It’s a nice day for a green wedding. If you and your partner are rigorous about recycling and want to plan a wedding that reflects your environmentally-friendly lifestyle, there are a ton of options to choose from. Creating centerpieces with organically-grown flowers or potted orchid plants add that extra “green” element to wedding receptions. Edible flowers on your wedding cake not only look beautiful, they also add an eco-friendly touch.

Brides on a budget—If you find yourself wilting from the stress of those ever-tightening purse strings and don’t want to spend a fortune on flowers, forget the personal florist. From wedding bouquets and boutonnieres to creative centerpieces, online flower companies like ProFlowers offer a number of stylish selections for the budget-conscious bride. Choosing flowers that are in season are automatically cheaper than out-of-season or exotic flowers.

Wedding tails—Man’s best friend is enjoying a new high profile when it comes to exchanging vow-wows. Originally adopted as a West Coast trend, more and more people are including their favorite four-legged friends in their wedding ceremony. Adorn your pooch with a pretty floral dog collar or boutonniere to really tie them into the theme of your wedding.

Whether traditional or contemporary, has a number of arrangements.

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from the April 25-May 1, 2007, issue

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