Brown wants more $$$; your tax refund notice; principals revolt

Brown wants more $$$; your tax refund notice; principals revolt


Rockford Educating All Children (R.E.A.CH.) has learned that Dr. Brown and District 205 are considering a backdoor referendum to increase taxes to pay for tax protester refunds. Dr. Brown was on WNTA’s Chris Bowman Show and stated this information.

Michael O’Brien and R.E.A.CH. are receiving many calls concerning the tax protest settlement forms. Here are some important steps for returning your tax protest settlement.

1. Keep a copy of your signed agreement. 2. If you want a receipt that the district received your signed agreement, send it via certified mail. 3. Return your form by Oct. 19. 4. If your refund is part of an estate, have the executor sign, and return it. 5. If your spouse or fellow taxpayer is deceased, sign their name and note that they are deceased, and return it. 6. If your property is in a trust, please contact the financial institution where the trust is located and have them send the settlement notice to you. 7. If you sold your house and haven’t received the settlement notice, contact the new owner to see if they received it. If they haven’t, contact Attorney Michael O’Brien. 8. If you have questions about your refunds or didn’t receive a notice, contact Michael O’Brien. 9. If you have a change of address, contact the school district. 10. If your form doesn’t reflect the correct address, please fill out the bottom portion of your settlement agreement with the correct address. 11. If a settlement notice came to you incorrectly, please forward it to the correct property owner. 12. R.E.A.CH. was involved in the protest for the tax years 1994-99. Most protesters’ beginning year would be tax year 1994 and end in 1999. Please note that the tax year is the year before you paid it. Example: Tax year 1994 was paid in 1995.

To contact Michael O’Brien: Write to him, and please include your name, address and property code: Michael O’Brien, P.O. Box 2903, Rockford, IL 61132-2903

To contact the school district: Write them at and please include your name, address and property code: Rockford Public Schools, P.O. Box 17, Rockford, IL 61105-0017

Contact Barb Dent, 633-1138 or Scott Carter, 398-8658, for more details

Letter to Supt. Dr. Alan Brown, School Dist. 205

(Submitted by Chris Bowman, WNTA Radio)

September 21, 2001

Dear Dr. Brown,

A brief principals’ meeting was held this morning at 7:00 a.m. to discuss issues related to the recent request for budget reductions at the building level. The meeting was attended by 42 principals. It became apparent that a key issue to this request, from our perspective, is the lack of representation of our voice at the Cabinet level. We continue to feel unheard. Over the past few years various groups of principals have submitted recommendations for budget reductions that may have a longer-term solution than gutting site-based budgets. We understand our role and obligation to assist with balancing the budget; however, we are concerned about our isolation from the process and the lack of clarity of the directions. We have heard the Board’s position on staying away from level of service to students as budget reductions are considered. Has this position changed and what are the long-term plans for building site budgets over the next few years?

In addition to the site base reductions, the principals are recommending the following considerations:

l Eliminate the annual Stanford test. l Eliminate the District level Instructional Specialists. l Re-consider a 6-period day at the Middle School. l Eliminate REBA and other elementary District-sponsored sport programs. l Decrease building school use after school (savings of custodial time and building utilities). l Consider a 7-1/2 hour, 4-day-a-week calendar, and close schools on Friday. l Re-visit all aspects of teacher contract. l Close under-utilized schools. l Decrease staff development positions by combining the curriculum and staff development to 1 FTE.

As a group, we are key to implementing effective and efficient plans to enhance student achievement and keep schools safe for our students. We want our ideas and recommendations to be heard and considered. Although the Area Superintendents will continue to sit on Cabinet on a rotating basis, we are unclear about their role on Cabinet and their ability to represent our voice.

We thank you in advance for your consideration. We are appreciative that we were asked for input even under very tight time lines. We look forward to your response and ongoing dialogue as further budget restrictions are explored.

Sincerely, RPSA (Rockford Principals & Supervisors Association)

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