Buckley/Nicolosi apologize for Rockton mailing

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StoryImage( ‘/Images/Story//Auto-img-118478560220664.jpg’, ‘Post card images courtesy of http//:www.thatlocal website.com‘, ‘Rockton businesses received another mailing luring village retailers to Rockford commercial properties owned by Buckley after Rockton ZIP codes were supposed to have been removed from future mailings.‘);
StoryImage( ‘/Images/Story//Auto-img-118478579020882.jpg’, ‘Photo by Stuart R. Wahlin’, ‘Buckley Vice President and acting Village Attorney Gino Galluzzo apologized and promised Rockton businesses will no longer receive Buckley mailings.‘);
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StoryImage( ‘/Images/Story//Auto-img-11847858742633.jpg’, ‘Photo by Stuart R. Wahlin’, ‘Kevin Mueller argued Rockton Village Attorney and Buckley President and CEO Paul Nicolosi wears too many hats.‘);

After promising no more mailings will be sent to commercial addresses in Rockton, advertising Rockford properties owned by the Buckley Companies, LLC, Buckley Vice President and acting Village Attorney Gino Galluzzo recently found himself apologizing to the Rockton Village Board for another mailer received by local merchants.

Nicolosi & Associates, LLC, one of eight businesses comprising The Buckley Companies, represents the Village of Rockton and the City of Loves Park. The law firm recently resigned its representation of the villages of Caledonia and Roscoe—a community bordering Rockton.

Because Buckley sent another mailing after Rockton was to have been removed from their distribution list, Rockton resident Ora Larson doesn’t think Nicolosi & Associates deserve another chance.

“Publicly, [Galluzzo] apologized for the first Buckley letter to Rockton businesses, wherein they attempted to lure away businesses and stated it wouldn’t happen again,” Larson noted. “Another mailing traced to Buckley Companies through postal meter numbers attempted to influence the outcome of the Hononegah School Board elections.”

In April, an anonymous mailer was sent to communities in the Hononegah School District endorsing candidates Matt Kentner, Mary Lewis and David Kurlinkus, while bashing a fourth candidate, Kim Hodges. Kurlinkus is a former partner with Nicolosi & Associates and represents the Village of Roscoe.

Larson argued Kurlinkus may still be linked to Nicolosi after a memorandum recently surfaced showing the Hononegah School Board president’s son, Josef, is employed by the law firm.

After the postal code on the anonymous mailer was traced to Buckley Construction, Rockton Village Attorney and Buckley President/CEO Paul Nicolosi told The Rock River Times the mailing was commissioned by a third party and, therefore, not sent by Buckley per se.

Hodges has since filed a complaint with the Illinois State Board of Elections in hopes of revealing the source of the anonymous political communication.

During the June 18 Rockton Village Board meeting, Galluzzo addressed the issue of Buckley’s mailers to Rockton commercial addresses. Galluzzo indicated Village President Dale Adams requested the mailings stop.

“There was concern about sending general mailers to Rockton businesses,” Galluzzo explained. “I assured him that we wouldn’t do that any longer.”

A subsequent mailer, however, was received by Rockton businesses after Rockton had supposedly been removed from Buckley’s distribution list, prompting another phone call from Adams.

“For that, I apologize,” Galluzzo offered, adding Rockton ZIP codes have been removed from Buckley’s mailing list. Galluzzo explained the latest mailer was inadvertently sent after being printed prior to the removal of Rockton ZIP codes from their list.

“I’ll take any and all steps in order to stop that from happening again,” Galluzzo pledged June 18. “We had a long meeting today about that, and about, you know, how can this happen after discussion, after we met with Dale.”

“The only answer is, accidents happen,” Galluzzo added. “I’m not trying to make any excuses, but I want to just assure you that I’ll see to it that doesn’t happen.”

The Buckley Companies are now advertising an open position for a vice president of Marketing and Communications—the department in charge of mailings.

Despite the apology and an assurance Rockton ZIP codes have been removed from Buckley’s distribution list, Larson wasn’t satisfied.

“[Galluzzo] gave a brief and muted apology to the Board at the last meeting,” Larson said. “If an accounting firm hired by this village was continually making mistakes, they would be replaced. With the Nicolosi & Associates’ track record, I am asking, why don’t President Adams and the Rockton Village Board explore other options for legal representation?”

One Rockton business owner, Kevin Mueller, passed out copies of the most recent mailing to trustees before saying a few words about the village’s legal representation July 10. Mueller simply believes Nicolosi wears too many hats to adequately protect Rockton’s best interest.

“On Tuesday, he represents our community,” Mueller told trustees. “On Wednesday, he sends out literature to its businesses promoting his own little communities. …I encourage this board to put an end to this charade for the benefit of our community.”

Rumors of a board vote as to whether the village would continue to retain the services of Nicolosi & Associates are unfounded. One village official told The Rock River Times no such vote had been taken.

from the July 18-24, 2007, issue

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