Build Winnebago County Partnership Road projects*

Winnebago Rd. 6 miles

Edwardsville Rd. 5 miles

Montague Rd. 5 miles

N. Meridian Rd. 6 miles

S.Meridian Rd. 5 miles

Condon Rd. 2.25 miles

Prairie Rd. 4 miles

Simpson Rd. 2.5 miles

Centerville Rd. 2.5 miles

Baxter Rd. 8 miles

Latham Rd. 5 miles

Elmwood Rd. 2 miles

S. Perryville Rd. 5 miles

N. Perryville Rd. 2 miles

Harrison Ave. 1 mile

N. Bell School Rd. 1 mile

N. Bell School Rd. 2.5 miles

Forest Hills Rd. 0.5 mile

Paulson Rd. 2.5 miles

Belvidere Rd. 8 miles

Old River Rd. 2.5 miles

Hononegah Rd. 2.5 miles

McCurry Rd. 3 miles

E. Rockton Rd. 3.5 miles

Dorr Rd. 2 miles

Willowbrook Rd. 3.5 miles

Prairie Hill Rd. 4 miles

* distances are approximate

Recreation paths

Pecatonica Path from S. Meridan Rd.west to Stephenson Co. line 12 miles

Perryville Path southeast connec tion 2 miles

Other projects

Three Rock River Water Reclama tion District sewer projects

Reconfiguring 21 intersections

Repairing six bridges

Construction of one building near the corner of Springfield Avenue, and W. State Sreet.

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