Bullfrog season open

Bullfrog hunting season in Illinois opened June 15, continuing through Aug. 31, with a limit of up to eight bullfrogs each day, 16 total in possession. No size limit applies.

In Illinois, it is legal to capture bullfrogs using a gig, bow and arrow, net or by hand. It is prohibited to use firearms or any commercial fishing device. Frogs generally grow to a maximum of one foot in size. Most hunters seek the frogs for their meat, especially of the legs and back.

“The frog population in Illinois seems to be thriving,” said Steve Pallo, DNR fisheries expert. “They especially thrive in small farm ponds, and the number of created ponds is continuously increasing in Illinois.”

It is only legal to hunt the bullfrog in Illinois, a species that thrives in backwaters, wetlands and ponds with abundant plant growth. The bullfrog is known for the deep, rumbling croaking sound it makes, which is commonly described as sounding like the words “jug-of-rum.”

From the June 22-28, 2005, issue

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