Bush is not pro-life

I read from a newspaper at Holy Family Church that Catholics ought to vote for Bush because he is pro-life. Bush is against an individual woman’s right to choose whether she can or cannot legally have an abortion. He is not pro-life.

As governor of Texas, Bush presided over a state that executed more citizens than all other states. Capital punishment is opposed by the Church. Bush even opposed a ban on executing retarded felons. This is not pro-life.

Bush also has the worst environmental record of any president, according to environmental watch groups. Can the destruction of the environment for increased profit margins be considered pro-life? As president, Bush ignored the Catholic Church’s dictate to engage in only “just wars.” The pope opposed the war in Iraq, stating that it falls far short of the Church’s “Just War” definition. So, according to the pope, Bush’s venture into Iraq is in violation of the Church’s stand on war and represents a significant anti-life issue. Do the Catholic churches condemn this war in Iraq, as did their pope? Instead, some encourage us to focus on only one issue when choosing a presidential candidate—a state issue, even if Roe vs. Wade is overturned—an issue over which any president has little, if any, control.

When life begins is an issue that is heavily debated. I respect individuals’ rights to strongly speak out, organize and act against policies which they oppose. But churches are wrong to pick and choose one issue to politicize within their congregations while they ignore other vital pro-life issues. We need to remember these other issues. Be good Samaritans. Go and do likewise. Care for the poor and the sick. Condemn the violence of individuals and states. Be, as Francis of Assisi, a better caretaker of the Earth. These, too, are moral imperatives we ought to consider. A church needs to be inclusive, accepting their congregation’s differences, with people coming together to worship in a “house of prayer,” so it will not be denigrated into a political “den of thieves.”

Michael Cannariato is a local resident.

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