Bush pushing for Osama’s capture

A report in The New Republic magazine recently said the Bush administration is pressuring the Pakistani government to capture Osama bin Laden and other terrorists before the November election.

Not only does the Washington Republican clique want bin Laden caught, but it must be done by a particular date. The administration reportedly said “it would be best if the arrest or killing of HVT (high value targets) was announced on 26, 27 or 28 July”—the first three days of the national Democratic convention in Boston.

The New Republic said: “The Bush administration has matched this public and private pressure with enticements and implicit threats.” Those enticements included making Pakistan a non-NATO ally and looking the other way when the Pakistanis pardoned a nuclear scientist who peddled nuclear secrets to Iran and North Korea as well as Libya. The Bush administration also dangled a $3 billion aid package.

The only things Bush did not give the Pakistanis were warplanes. Had they done so, the magazine said, the balance of power in the region would have been tilted away from India. India is democratic while Pakistan is basically a dictatorship. How two-faced is that?

What would happen if Pakistan’s Gen. Perves Musharraf follows orders? The New Republic commented: “A Pakistani offensive in that region, aided by American high-tech weaponry and perhaps Special Forces, could unite tribal chieftains against the central government and precipitate a border war without actually capturing any of the HVTs.” The other outcome is regional instability.

Capturing bin Laden would give a hefty boost to Bush’s re-election prospects. Not too much has gone his way in recent weeks. He is under heavy pressure from the Bilderberger group, a secret society of affluent and influential world figures dedicated to global government. All recent U.S. presidents have either been members or had close ties to the Bilderbergers.

The Bilderbergers wanted Bush to punish Israel last May for stalling the peace process with the Palestinians and also were pushing him to share the spoils of the Iraq war with Europe. Bush appears not to have achieved either objective.

American Free Press reported the secret society also debated whether to establish a European Union army independent of NATO, whether to admit Turkey into the EU and taking action against Belgium because a “right wing” party had gained some power in that country. The Bilderbergers had punished Austria in similar fashion economically for conducting a free election in which Jorge Haider’s nationalist party did very well.

Bush had been scheduled to meet with Israel’s Prime Minister Ariel Sharon right after the Bildeberger meeting, but the confrontation was postponed because of a suicide bombing.

Bush reportedly had been told in several messages that he must tell Sharon to accept the few modest steps in the “road map” plan for peace, or he would stop the flood of U.S. aid dollars . A European told the Americans: “That is language Israel will understand, but Sharon doesn’t believe you will do it. You have opposed Israeli expansion and occupation of Palestinian lands with your mouth but not your money. Why are you so afraid of the Israeli lobby?”

The late Sen. J. William Fulbright and congressmen Paul Findley of Illinois, Robert McCloskey of California and others, all said they lost their seats in Congress because they questioned the amount of aid given to Israel annually.

Source: The New Republic, American Free Press

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