Bush’s church blasts his war plans

Bush’s church blasts his war plans

By Joe Baker, Senior Editor

The Methodist church, of which George W. Bush is a member, has sharply attacked his plans to make war on Iraq, according to The Nation.

The magazine said the church declared Bush’s war plans are “without any justification, according to the teachings of Christ.”

Jim Winkler, head of social policy for the United Methodists, said every attempt to discuss the issue with the White House went nowhere. Winkler’s remarks were made as the U.S. continued attempts to get a UN resolution calling for a tougher weapons inspection program in Iraq.

France is said to be fearful the present draft resolution could still act as a trigger for military action without full Security Council debate if Iraq does not comply.

Winkler is the general secretary of the Board of Church and Society for the United Methodist Church. The church counts both the president and Vice-President Dick Cheney among its membership. It has 8 to 9 million regular churchgoers and is the third largest denomination in the country.

Winker said the Methodist Church is not pacifist, but “rejects war as a usual means of national policy.” He said Methodist doctrine, based on scripture, specifies “war as a last resort, primarily a defensive thing. And so far as I know, Saddam Hussein has not mobilized military forces along the borders of the United States, nor along his own border to invade a neighboring country, nor have any of these countries pleaded for our assistance, nor does he have weapons of mass destruction targeted at the United States.”

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