Candidate Statements – Part 3

Candidate Statements – Part 3


State of Illinois

Lt. Governor

Jim Tobin – Libertarian

I pledge to Illinois voters that I will work to get government off their backs. I support the Second Amendment and the Personal Security Act, so that a trained, law-abiding citizen can use a gun in self-defense. I support a significant curb in the state income tax. I opposed raising taxes on tobacco products and alcohol, and if elected, I would work to reduce the taxes on tobacco. I will work to ensure citizens’ privacy and financial independence, so they can go about their lives without Big Brother breathing down their necks.

State Representative – 67th District

Gloria Cardenas Cudia – Republican

If I am elected to represent the people of the 67th Legislative District, the people will have a representative with a “can do” attitude, a hard-working advocate for the Rockford and New Milford communities, and an individual who will bring parties to the table in order to create solutions. Our communities need an active leader in Springfield who will advocate for our share of state funds and consideration.

My opponent’s response to “campaign” mailings he has sent at taxpayers’ expense sums up his approach to government: “Everybody else does it.” That attitude has created the mess that our state is in. That attitude also illustrates a key difference between myself and my opponent. We have a financial and ethical deficit, and I intend to change the way things are done in Springfield.

State Representative -67th District

Chuck Jefferson – Democrat

During my term as State Representative, I have been an advocate for education. I brought home $4.4 million for Rockford schools and fought to reduce class sizes.

This past legislative session, I battled to lower the cost of prescription drugs. Rockford’s seniors should not have to choose between their health and paying their bills. I worked to centralize the state’s purchasing power so that our seniors can get the best price for their prescription drugs.

I have the experience Rockford needs to build a better future.

Secretary of State

Kristine O’Rourke Cohn – Republican

As Winnebago County Board Chairman, I balance a budget of over $117,000,000, supervise 1,800 employees and serve 278,000 Illinois residents. As your next Secretary of State, I will transform the office into one that works for us, not against us. My S.O.A.P. (Secure, Organized, Accountable and Professional), which includes same-day license plates, service quality teams, and creating a cashless Secretary of State’s office, will cut the long lines and finally stop the corruption that has plagued the Secretary of State for years. To learn more, navigate to

Illinois 17th Circuit Court Judge

Joseph McGraw – Republican

Judge Joe McGraw was selected by the Illinois Supreme Court because of his “experience and integrity.” He is committed to eliminating delays and promptly handling the criminal and civil cases in his courtroom. He realizes each case is very important to the individuals involved and requires the judge’s undivided attention.

As a former prosecutor, Joe McGraw knows what the victims of violent crime experience and takes into account the rights of crime victims as well as the rights of the accused. Judge McGraw resolves to work hard, be fair, improve the quality of our court system, and be independent of political influence.

Winnebago County

Winnebago County

17th Circuit Judge

Rosemary Collins

As a sitting judge since 1989, I believe I am the most qualified candidate. Since 1989, I have presided over all types of cases; since 1996, I have been assigned to the criminal felony division and am the only associate judge to have a full-time felony caseload. My candidacy has been endorsed by Winnebago County Sheriff Richard Meyers; Boone County Sheriff Duane Wirth; Police Chiefs of Belvidere and South Beloit; the mayors of Rockford, Loves Park and Machesney Park; unions representing the officers of the City of Rockford Police and the Winnebago County Sheriff; Sue Fiduccia, coroner of Winnebago County; numerous labor unions and business leaders.

I am the only candidate who has received the endorsement of law enforcement and who was recommended by the poll of the Winnebago County Bar Association and Illinois State Bar Association. In fact, I received the highest rating of all judicial candidates for the Circuit Court.

Judges should provide the litigants prompt, unbiased hearings and decisions. I do, and if elected, will continue to do so. Judges should be active members of the community. I have devised programs to educate our youth on the workings of the law; I have been involved in the DARE program; I have served on the Board of Directors of the Girl Scouts, Contact and now on the Ken-Rock Community Center.

Judges should also be leaders in the legal community. I have served as president of the Winnebago County Bar Foundation. My fellow judges (statewide) have selected me as a member of the Illinois Judge’s Association Board of Directors. I am the chairperson of the 17th Circuit Family Violence Prevention Coordinating Council. I helped establish the Victim’s Assistance Office in the Courthouse and have sought improvement in our Circuit’s handling of elder abuse cases. Under my leadership, innovative programs have been sponsored in partnership with local hospitals, agencies and labor unions to increase awareness of violence prevention.

Winnebago County Board – District 3

Gary Jury – Republican

It has been an honor to serve and represent District 3 on the County Board for the last two years. Serving the people of our community was a lifelong dream, and I appreciate the honor given me by the voters two years ago.

As a County Board member, husband, father and grandfather, my goals remain the same. They are to keep government simple, efficient, and to provide safe and secure neighborhoods for our children and grandchildren to play in.

I ask for your continued support and your vote in the November 5th general election. With your vote, I will continue to serve with respect and honesty. Thank you.

Winnebago County Board – District 5

A. C. “Dave” Davis – Democrat

Dave is a Vietnam veteran with 23 years of service in the United States Army. He served two tours in Germany, was assigned to various locations throughout the United States, and retired as a Master Sergeant in 1995. He is married, a local homeowner, and the father of twin daughters. Dave states, “It’s time for positive improvements, not forced negative projects from outside our district. There’s always room for growth as long as it’s handled wisely, and we continue to maintain the village and country feeling we now enjoy.” Dave feels it’s time for change on our county board and urges all voters to please vote and visit his website at

Winnebago County Board – District 8

Phillip R. Johnson – Democrat

The County Board is facing a continual budget crisis. The new board must look at all County Board operations and find ways to continue to deliver the services that the voters expect within the financial resources available. I will make that happen if elected to the County Board.

One of the primary responsibilities of county government is to provide for the public safety of its citizens. The continued crisis in this area means that I support the building of a new county jail.

I also support the building of a road north of Illinois 173 to open up the area to commercial and residential development, which is vital to the continued financial health of the governments in my County Board district.

Yes, the county should ban leaf burning because of the health concerns to its citizens.

Winnebago County Board – District 8

Bud Wilkins – Republican

Winnebago County’s mission is “to provide high-quality services and promote a safe community for all people in Winnebago County.” These services include the Sheriff’s Department, Court House, County Coroner, Health Department, Forest Preserve, Animal Services, Supervisor of Assessments, and County Highway Department.

I am dedicated to the people of District 8. Your hard-earned tax dollars fund these county services, and I consider it my duty as your representative to ensure these dollars are spent wisely.

Winnebago County Board – District 10

Bob Kinnison – Republican

If you’d like to send a message opposing “back room dealing” here in Winnebago County, then please support me for County Board District 10. I’ve served for the past 7 years and fought against these sweet deals for developers. My opposition to the extension of Perryville and the wasting of your tax dollars cost me my seat on the board. Now is your chance to let the Chairman know this is not how you want your tax dollars spent. Take back your government on November 5th and vote for Bob Kinnison, District 10. Punch “80”

Winnebago County Board – District 10

Paul Elmer – Democrat

As your elected County Board member, I will be representative in every sense of the word. I believe my background as a community organizer, public planner and administrator gives me the knowledge and ability to get it right. Our county faces tremendous issues in the future, and as long as the future is coming, we must plan ahead to ensure our quality of life.

I pledge to hold quarterly public meetings to seek my constituents’ input, and will always be accessible by phone, the Internet, and in person. I will have outstanding attendance so that I am present for debate and votes that are important. I have been a consensus builder all my life, and will strive to build relationships which will help move the county government forward. I offer leadership for the future and would appreciate your vote for Paul Elmer on November 5.

Winnebago County Board – District 11

Jim Hughes – Democrat

I support raising the sales tax to build a new county jail. [I also favor] alternative programs to control the jail population, such as electronic monitoring, pre-trial services, failure to appear, juvenile drug court, mental health services, day reporting center and mediation. When the voters of Winnebago County approve the sales tax increase, it then becomes every elected county board members’ responsibility to make sure that the taxpayers get what they have been promised.

I do not support extending Perryville Road north of Illinois 173. The Winnebago County Board members need to be spending more time listening to the taxpayers from that area and less time listening to those with money and influence.

If I was on the County Board, I would have voted no on leaf burning in unincorporated Winnebago County. The County Board should have had a provider to pick up the yard waste before passing the ordinance. They have until April to find a provider, but as of today’s date, they have been unable to find one that will only pick up yard waste.

As a County Board member, I will build a working coalition with all governmental agencies within the county. I will bring fair and equitable leadership back to the county board, giving a voice not only to those with money and influence, but to every citizen. I will work to establish a local trust fund to be used for the rehabilitation of our older housing in the county.

Winnebago County Board – District 12

George Anne Duckett – Democrat

George Anne Duckett, a resident of Winnebago County since 1983, is firmly committed to representing the interests of small business, homeowners, taxpayers and voters in District 12. She is a special activist who always has been involved in community organizations and causes for the under-represented. As a resident and business owner on the west side, she has a special understanding for the needs of people in this area.

She supports grants funding, community development funds and development programs that are under the auspices of the state, Winnebago County government and city government. For business development, she supports infrastructure improvements; clean-up campaigns; more responsive services by the city and county on the west side; more capital improvements such as roads, sidewalks, curbs and gutters; more job development and employment opportunities. She favors town meetings to find out residents’ concerns and supports alternatives and solutions to gangs and violence.

Winnebago County Board – District 13

Rick Pollack – Republican

“Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country,” are the words of John F. Kennedy that have inspired many of us to serve our country. Our great country is based on volunteers, citizens like you and I who are willing to get involved. Citizen legislators bring experience to government.

“Root Cause”, “Lesson Learned”, “Continuous Improvement” and “ACE” are corporate initiatives. These initiatives represent the processes that free market companies use to remain competitive. From a modern PC-based data processing department to bulk procurement practices, I have used this corporate experience to increase the efficiency of your county government. I will continue to find ways to reduce waste in government, continue to vote no for property tax increases, and will work with other elected officials to recruit new businesses and jobs to Winnebago County.

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