Candidates for 2001 Primary Election March 19

Candidates for 2001 Primary Election March 19



16th Con. Dist. U.S. Representative

Donald Manzullo – Republican

Manzullo was appointed by his colleagues as chairman of the House Committee on Small Business last year. His recent efforts have focused on helping America win the war on terrorism and abroad. He has drafted legislation to increase business opportunities and create new jobs for small business, fought unnecessary federal regulations that stifle job growth, and joined the team to secure tax relief and pass a Patients Bill of Rights in the House. He has secured federal funding for roads and infrastructure projects throughout the district. He has promoted the Greater Rockford Airport as a national player in the O’Hare expansion debate. He helped lure a $180 million intermodal transportation hub to Rochelle, creating more than 1,000 construction jobs. He has won recognition as a “Taxpayer’s Hero” from Citizens Against Government Waste, a “Taxpayer’s Friend” by the National Taxpayers Union and a “Friend of Agriculture” by the Ill. Agriculture Association.

Illinois State

Attorney General

Bob Coleman – Republican

Consistent with my pledge to bring a new level of activism to the Attorney General’s Office, I filed an amicus curiae brief with the Illinois Supreme Court in support of the right of the taxpayers of this state to file a civil action against alleged corrupt public officials… The brief I have submitted specifically supports the reversal of the Appellate Court decision which denied Illinois taxpayers the ability to file suit. Specifically, it is my legal position that in this case, where the Attorney General has chosen not to file a civil lawsuit, the people of this state should have the right to seek accountability for official misconduct through the courts. Contrary to the opinion of the Appellate Court, the law permitting private taxpayers to sue to recover damages from persons who have defrauded the state is constitutional.

Illinois Attorney General

Lisa Madigan – Democrat

State Senator Lisa Madigan is running for Attorney General because she believes there’s no more important office than that of the people’s lawyer to make a real difference in the lives of the people of Illinois.

As a teacher in South Africa during apartheid, helping create and run a community policing program on Chicago’s west side, practicing employment law, and as an effective senator, Madigan has demonstrated her proven commitment and ability to work with people to solve their problems and protect them.

She’s written and passed laws banning cars with hidden compartments to stash weapons and drugs, protecting domestic violence victims who seek shelter, protecting seniors and people with disabilities from abuse and neglect. Madigan has fought to improve schools, make health care more affordable and accessible, and preserve a woman’s right to choose.

Madigan is fiercely independent, standing up to special interests, voting against insider deals, and calling for ethics and campaign reforms.

As Illinois’ first female Attorney General, Madigan will combat identity theft, crack down on HMOs denying treatments, protect seniors from fraud and abuse, strengthen domestic violence protections, and fight corruption.

By bringing her experience helping real people, Lisa Madigan will be the legal advocate for EVERYONE in Illinois.

Illinois Secretary of State

Kristine Cohn – Republican

Kohn is currently serving her second four-year term as Winnebago County Board chairman. She has promoted neighborhood clean-up and redevelopment, public infrastructure development and smart growth planning. She has forged intergovernmental relationships allowing the county to accomplish more with less. She has improved county services using existing dollars. The County’s Customer Service program now serves as a model for other agencies. Kohn launched the Winnebago Co. Tire Round-up, which developed into the largest tire round-up in the state’s history, collecting and recycling more than 30,000 tires its first year and more than 17,000 the second. She worked on cleaning up neglected properties and addressing illegal dumping of garbage. She serves on the statewide Workforce Investment Board, the seven-county Metro Counties of Illinois, the Rockford Area Chamber of Commerce, Crime Stoppers and the Rockford Park District Foundation. Prior to her current position, she served as Winnebago County Clerk for two years.

State Representative – District 67

Chuck Jefferson – Democrat

The Democratic Party supported my appointment as state representative in 2001 because (listing of experience as precinct committee member, executive vice chair of Democratic Party, campaign chair for Mayor Charles Box; served as county board member from 1990-2001; chair of Public Works Committee; member of several other committees). Over 25 years of political experience in Rockford and 12 months in the Legislature give me clear advantages. I have already established a reputation as a leader, a good listener, and a hard worker. I understand how the political process works. With less than one month in the General Assembly, I secured $4.4. million in state funds for District 205. In Rockford, I organized a grant seminar for our local organizations with over 25 state agencies and a Kids Care seminar for parents. I want to continue the work I have already begun, work designed to make a difference in the lives of Rockford’s citizens. If I am returned to the State Legislature, I pledge to work with all the people of this district.

Winnebago County

County Board – District 6

Mark C. Philpot – Democrat

I am a Democratic candidate for Winnebago County Board Member in the 6th District. I am a volunteer firefighter, precinct committeeman and community activist. I believe that I can approach the challenges of our district with a fresh outlook, with vision and a compassionate ear toward our neighbors. My goal is to create an environment for economic development by encouraging new businesses (i.e., retail/grocery/industrial) to invest in our community, while promoting our existing businesses. I will work hard to insure that the gateways to our community are made fresh and exciting, and that any development that occurs will have input from the community that will be affected. I will advocate greater utilization of the Greater Rockford Airport and work with local law enforcement officials to ensure more effective police protection in our neighborhoods.

County Board – District 6

Pearl Hawks – Democrat

There are areas in my district where the streets and roads have been neglected for years. There is a need for commercial development, housing and living wage jobs. As a county board member, whenever any of these issues come to the county board that can be favorable to my constituents, I plan to try to make a positive impact to improve their livelihood. I plan to represent the interest of the community as best I can.

County Board- District 9

Mary Ann Aiello – Republican

Over the past 14 years, I have served on various county board committees. As chairman of the Public Safety Committee, I feel that the most serious issue in Winnebago County is jail overcrowding. Currently, the main jail houses over 550 inmates—it was built to house 189. Over the past years, the Winnebago County Board has allocated money to the sheriff’s Department to add much-needed beds. The Sheriff has remodeled tiers, double-bunked cells and added a satellite facility to house misdemeanor inmates and for those sentenced to work release. The Sheriff has made every effort to use every available space, but there is no longer any more room to expand, and the inmate population continues to grow… the jail is now dangerously overcrowded.

In June 2000, the Winnebago County Board hired Mark Goldman & Associates to develop a 15-year Criminal Justice Master plan (completed in 2001) which would not only address the jail overcrowding issue, but all areas of the criminal justice system. The county has formed a Criminal Justice Citizens’ Committee to enable various citizens throughout the community to be informed and involved.

County Board – District 9

John Terranova – Republican

A few years ago, Winnebago County was the largest community in Illinois without a 911 Emergency Service. As chairman of the Winnebago County Board, I worked hard to unite all of the local governments in support of a countywide 911 system. I led the drive

to win voter approval for 911, and today, 911 is a reality helping to safeguard our community.

As a County Board member, I believe government must lead by example—setting priorities and living within its means. Over the last several years working with my fellow board members, we have strived to ensure that Winnebago County has had the most stable tax rate of any local government. In fact, this past year, we lowered the county tax rate from the previous year.

We do have challenges ahead—our criminal justice system is at a crossroads, we need to maintain our county road system, and we need to keep Winnebago County on a firm financial footing.

It won’t be easy tackling these issues, but then nothing worthwhile ever is. I have worked hard to build a reputation as an individual who gets things done.

County Board – District 11

Bill Neblock – Republican

I believe that asking department heads to make cuts while giving board members a raise is an insult to those people who dedicate themselves to our community. We must solve the overcrowding of our jail facilities now. We must add new judges to expedite those waiting for their day in court. We must provide resources necessary for our law enforcement, not make more cuts in their manpower. We must assist the farmers whenever possible and look at them as a resource, not as a possible retail outlet or subdivision. Quick-take should be quickly taken out of the county vocabulary. We must build more community support, not roads that sink. We must make ourselves available every day, not just Election Day.

County Board – District 13

James M. Peterson – Democrat

As an elected official, I make decisions I feel are in the best interests of the county and all its citizens. I believe in low taxes, good government, and safe and crime-free neighborhoods. I support the continued development of Rockford’s downtown and cultural corridor along North Main St. I also support enthusiastically the project to improve and develop West State Street. It’s a project long overdue.

County Board – District 14

John Sweeney – Republican

It has been an honor serving the citizens of County Board District 14 since 1996. As a member of the board, I have been able to work with my fellow board members to keep the county’s tax rate low. As a member of the Finance Committee, I work closely with other board members and staff to ensure that every tax dollar under our control is spent wisely. With an ever-increasing cost to the county for labor and goods, I think the county board has done a great job of holding down the tax rate.

Listening to the concerns of my constituency is not only important, but a responsibility I take very seriously. I hope that the taxpayers in District 14 feel I have done a good job and will return me to serve them on the county board.

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