Candidates for March 19, 2002 Primary Election

Candidates for March 19, 2002 Primary Election



U.S. Senate

Jim Durkin – Republican

I am running for the U.S. Senate because I have the experience and the proven record of accomplishment to lead Illinois in the Senate. As a state representative, I have taken on many important issues, especially those related to strengthening our criminal justice system. As an Assistant Illinois Attorney General and Assistant Cook County State’s Attorney, I worked to make our communities safer. As community college trustee, I worked to turn around a community college into a growing and thriving educational institution. This experience will serve me well in the U.S. Senate. I will work to lower taxes, rebuild our national defense, provide real school choice through competition and lower our reliance on OPEC oil. I look forward to being the strongest voice for the people of Illinois in the U.S. Senate

Illinois State


Rod Blagojevich – Democrat

From the beginning, my campaign for governor has been about creating opportunity and standing up for working people. I am proud that the Chicago Sun-Times agrees that I will be a governor who will bring a sense of idealism back to state government, who will take on the special interests, and who will work across party lines to build coalitions and get things done.

I’m particularly pleased the Sun-Times praised my plans to provide comprehensive prescription drug coverage to seniors, make affordable health care accessible to all working families, and tackle waste and mismanagement in state government.

State Representative – 67th District

Carol Bell – Democrat

Bell is a Registered Nurse, a licensed real estate broker, a graduate of Northeastern Illinois University, former Rockford School Board member and a 40-year resident of the district. She says, “I’m dedicated to seeing that our children have the best education available, and that our teachers have the necessary resources… Illinois must establish educational goals and expectations that are second to none.

“The avenue of accessibility for health care and pharmaceutical needs is narrowing daily, not only for the needy but also for the working class… It is difficult to sit by as many families and seniors see their health care program choice as a one-way street to ignoring their illnesses with no ability to pay for preventative healthcare programs…. Affordable health care and prescription medications for working families and seniors is a priority issue for me.

“ We need a continuous coordinated campaign to arrange passenger service to our airport; however, I also believe that exploring with others in our region, high speed & commuter rail could only improve our transportation options.”

Winnebago County

Winnebago County Treasurer

Sue Goral – Democrat

It has been my pleasure to serve the taxpayers of Winnebago County for the past 25 years, three of those years as the Winnebago County Treasurer. As your treasurer, I have made my office more accessible, by extending office hours during tax due dates to include evenings and weekends. I have invested your tax dollars in secure financial institutions, while getting the maximum return. I am always looking for ways to modernize the office to become more efficient and friendly. I look forward to serving you in the future and appreciate the support the residents of Winnebago County have given me.

Winnebago County Clerk

Mike Hughes – Democrat

As a small businessman, I understand what it takes to serve the needs of customers (taxpayers). The County Clerk’s office is more likely to deal with the citizens of the county.

I want to update the way Winnebago County handles elections. We still use the archaic “punch card system” for voting. I would work with all municipal clerks and election officers to ensure that the democratic process is handled with the utmost professionalism and care.

Credentials: Lifelong Winnebago County resident, graduate of East High School; bachelor of arts degree, Wright State University. Involved in Democratic politics since early 1990s. Founding member of “Tomorrow’s Democrats,” a statewide organization led by Sen. Richard Durbin. Elected Democratic Precinct Committeeman since 1996. Involved in many campaigns for prominent Democrats including Wis. Senator Herb Kohl (1990); Ohio Sen. John Glenn (1992); Ohio Congressman Tony Hall (1992); Mike Rotello for County Board Chairman (1996); Sen. Richard Durbin (1996 and present); Glen Poshard for Governor (1998); Bill Bradley for President (2000) and Al Gore for President (2000).

Winnebago County Clerk

Tom Hawes – Republican

Qualifications: I have over 35 years in Information systems with an accounting degree from Rockford College. I have designed, implemented and maintained systems similar to those in the clerk’s office for most of my career.

Election Process: The County Clerk is currently reviewing their election system. I have reviewed the two major state-approved systems. I visited McHenry County and reviewed their new GBS system. I met with EES Voting Systems to review the City of Rockford’s new system. I have also been researching federal voter reform bills, such as HR 3295, which passed to the Senate in January.

Winnebago County Clerk

David F. Johnson – Republican

The Winnebago County Clerk’s office handles voting for all of Winnebago County outside the city of Rockford. We all saw how important this service is in our last presidential election. I think the major issue for this office is the change from hole punching (chads and dimples) to an optical scan system, which would be the most efficient. Obviously, with any change or updating, cost is a factor. A plan should be devised to put aside a sum of funding each year to soften the eventual effect on the taxpayers for the conversion to a new system.

I have served as a Rockford alderman for nearly 30 years, including four years as Rockford’s last city clerk. I openly worked to abolish that elected office. At that time, the city put in some very good fiscal management policies in the 1980s and has stuck with them. As your Winnebago County Clerk, I believe I would be qualified to take a hard look at any type of changes or consolidations of this office. My record of hard work and getting things done is what I stand on.

County Board – District 1

Owen Bach – Republican

My decision to run as a District 1 County Board candidate was based on my concern for the future of the rural areas. I have been active as a township supervisor for about 25 years. During that time, I have been constantly involved with the problems facing the rural areas. I plan to have “open lines” with the residents of District 1 and work with them towards a promising future and a stronger community that we all can be proud of.

County Board – District 2

Larry Bauer – Republican

The voters of County Board District 2 first elected me to the County Board in 1994. Since then, I have strongly advocated for public safety, tax accountability and responsible spending. My background as a career prosecutor and youth minister have served the county well regarding challenges facing our criminal and juvenile justice systems. As chairman of the Economic Development Committee, I have strongly advocated encouraging economic growth, both for job creation and job retention. If re-elected, I will continue to be an aggressive advocate for my constituents. I will always listen and be available to the residents of the district.

County Board – District 5

A. C. “Dave” Davis – Democrat

I’m Master Sergeant Ashley C. Davis, U.S. Army (retired). Please call me “Dave.” I am a Vietnam veteran, a retired Army Master Sergeant with 23 years of service. I’m a computer support specialist for a local company that provides software and hardware for YMCAs, YWCAs and JCCs nationwide. I’ve been a Democratic Committee member since 1997. I’m a college graduate with a B.A. in Management (CIS) from Park University, Fort Bliss, Texas campus.

Issues important to me include: blocking further “negative” growth within our district (such as landfills, prisons, quarries, etc.); solving jail overcrowding before the courts intervene, which would result in MORE taxing of already overtaxed residents; increasing revenue through spending cuts and wise money management; maintaining the “village/country feeling” which presently exists within our district.

Please vote for “Dave” on March 19th.

County Board – District 5

Peter M. “Pete” MacKay – Republican

It has been my honor and pleasure to serve the taxpayers of our district since December 1978. During that time, I have served on every major committee of our county board and chaired or served on a number of ad hoc committees.

I was named chairman of the Zoning Committee by four different board chairmen for 10 years. I chaired the landmark landfill siting hearing on the Baxter-Mulford site applied for by the City of Rockford. The city’s petition failed, and our Zoning Committee was honored for holding the lowest cost and most fair landfill siting hearing ever held in Illinois.

My county board meeting attendance is the best in the history of the Winnebago County Board—only missing about five or six meetings since 1978.

I was semi-retired after owning my own sign business since 1973. Last year, I was elected Rockford Township Highway Commissioner. It is a great job to have and to do… I have been able to actually extend the ways I can give assistance to taxpayers in certain situations because of my knowledge of county and township government… I serve as a board member of the Conservative Citizens of America, and as a board member of the Winnebago County Taxpayers Association. The lights of my life are my family, my faith and the privilege of serving the taxpayer.

County Board – District 6

Dorothy Redd – Democrat

I am running for the county board, District 6, and am an active volunteer in the community. My educational background includes: bachelor of science degree from Northern Illinois University; master of science degree in Curriculum and Instruction from National Louis Uinversity; Certificate of Advance Study in Administration from National Louis University.

I am a member of the bargaining team to negoiate the teachers’ contract. I am an advocate for fair government representation and an educational advocate for all children. I support affordable housing and health care. I serve as a Democratic Committee woman. I will appreciate your vote on March 19.

County Board – District 7

Ray Graceffa – Republican

My experience prior to being elected to the Winnebago Co. Board in 1994 is: co-owner of Graceffa & Sons Supermarket; Rockford City Alderman – 3rd Ward; Assistant Director of Rockford Housing Authority; Executive Director of Winnebago Co. Housing Authority.

I have been a County Board member since 1994 and have served on the following committees: Finance; Health and Safety (which includes River Bluff Nursing Home); Winnebago County Forest Preserves; Tax Cycle Committee, chairman.

We have met many of our goals, including balanced budgets, following the guidelines of tax caps, keeping property taxes low, maintenance and new construction of major thoroughfares, and keeping River Bluff financially sound and operating at maximum capacity. One of our major challenges in the coming year is providing more jail capacity to meet the state guidelines.

County Board – District 11

Tuffy Quinonez – Democrat

If elected, I plan on using my salary to open a district office, which would be staffed to handle all the questions and concerns of my constituents.

I will be more active than the previous office holders in dealing with the problems of crime, unemployment and street projects. To deal with crime, I plan on establishing more neighborhood watch groups to have more police present in the area and to create an 11th District committee, made up of its constituents to create new ideas on dealing with the problems of our district. You know our problems; who better to come up with solutions to solve them.

As a former businessman in the district, I will bring new businesses into our district by showing them positive advantages of being here. I will also work hard with our current businesses to employ people within our district.

I will work hard with city planners to bring new improvement to our roads and to keep the current roads in good condition.

I hope to have your vote and support. Let’s make our district a better and safer place to live.

County Board – District 12

George Anne Duckett – Democrat

George Anne Duckett, a resident of Winnebago County since 1983, is firmly committed to representing the interests of small business, homeowners, taxpayers and voters in District 12. She is a social activist who always has been involved in community organizations and causes for the under-represented. As a resident and business owner on the west side, she has a special understanding for the needs of people in this area.

She supports grants funding, community development funds and development programs that are under the auspices of the state, Winnebago County government and city government. For business development, she supports infrastructure improvements; clean-up campaigns; more responsive services by the city and county on the west side; more capital improvements such as roads, sidewalks, curbs and gutters; more job development and employment opportunities. She favors town meetings to find out residents’ concerns and supports alternatives and solutions to gangs and violence.

County Board – District 12

Amy Hill – Democrat

Amy Hill has been a member of the United Auto Workers since 1966. While working at Chrysler in Belvidere, she also served as a member of the UAW Executive Board for nine years. She helped organize the UAW Local 1268 Education, Civil Rights and Women’s committees. She also received the Kate O’Connor Award, named for a pioneer of women’s suffrage.

Amy Hill was instrumental in setting up GED courses as well as making tutoring available to members through the Rockford Literacy Council. She is now on the board of directors for CASA—the Court Appointed Services for Abused Children. She is also a board member of the Winnebago County Health Department. As a representative on the county board, she is on the Operations Committee, which oversees River Bluff Nursing Home and Winnebago County capital building expenditures.

She continues her dedication to public service by working with the Gang and Crime Prevention program in Rockford. She is a committee member of the Oakwood Outreach for Children and Families, and a member of the West Rockford support group for community.

County Board – District 12

Reggie Taylor – Democrat

Almost two years ago, the citizens of District 12 voted to make a change in their community by electing me as their county board member. I want to thank you for your support, but on March 19 you will again be asked to demonstrate your belief in your community and the investment you made two years ago. Since being elected to the county board, I have served on the Economic Development Committee, and our efforts have led to the creation of several employment opportunities to Winnebago County. As a member of the West State Street Redevelopment Committee, I have utilized my professional planning skills to provide technical input on all phases of the project, especially the design phase. Furthermore, I’ve held numerous neighborhood and community meetings with the residents of District 12 to address the needs and issues of the community. I am asking that you go to the polls on March 19 and vote to re-elect Reggie A. Taylor for Winnebago County Board Member, District 12 and support your investment!

County Board – District 13

Rick Pollack – Republican

“Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country” are the words of John F. Kennedy that have inspired many of us to serve our country. Our great country is based on volunteers, citizens like you and I who are willing to get involved. Citizen legislators bring experience to government. “Root Cause,” “Lesson Learned,” “Continuous Improvement” and “ACE” are corporate initiatives. These initiatives represent the processes that free market companies use to remain competitive. From a modern PC-based data processing department to bulk procurement practices, I have used this corporate experience to increase the efficiency of your county government. I will continue to find ways to reduce waste in government, continue to vote no for property tax increases and continue to support Memorial Hall’s intended purpose of honoring the memory of our local military war veterans.

County Board – District 14

W. Timothy Simms – Republican

On March 19th, I will be seeking the Republican nomination to serve as your elected representative on the Winnebago County Board. I would like to ask for your continued support in serving our community in this important post as your voice on the Winnebago County Board.

Having served as your representative in local and state government, I will be a visible and vocal member of the county board. Our district needs a strong, articulate voice to represent the views of the overburdened property taxpayer. I support strong efforts to fight urban blight, neighborhood deterioration wherever they exist in Winnebago County. I also opposed making Perryville Road another East State Street for traffic congestion.

I have served the citizens of our community in the city, state and township government with diligence, and with the respect for your advice and counsel. I promise to continue that philosophy as your county board member. Your continued support in our common effort, to make our community a better place to live, will be appreciated with your vote and support in the Republican Primary March 19th.

City of Rockford

Ninth Ward

1st Precinct Committeeman

Margie Veitch – Democrat

I am a candidate for precinct committeeman. My husband and I have lived in the Ninth Ward for over two years. We enjoy the neighborhood, its people and its parks. We also have family living in the Rockford area. My grandfather, George Didier, was the first Democratic alderman to be elected in the Ninth Ward.

I am a graduate of Rockford College and earned a master’s degree in both Environmental Science and Public Affairs from Indiana University in Bloomington.

I am a member of the North End Square Neighborhood Association, regularly attend meetings, and participate in the membership committee. I am also a member of the Illinois Democratic Women.

My goal is to maintain a safe and neighborly precinct in the Ninth Ward. I will actively participate in the neighborhood association, meet fellow residents and continue to address the concerns of residents.

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