Carpenter’s Place & Red Cross Homeless Shelter collaborate

Carpenter’s Place & Red Cross Homeless Shelter collaborate


National Homelessness Awareness Week is recognized each year, one week before Thanksgiving. In recognition of this year’s Homelessness Awareness Week, which runs from Nov. 17-23, The Carpenter’s Place and the American Red Cross Homeless Shelter announce a collaborative Mentorship Program for the city’s homeless. Through this program, community volunteers are trained and matched with a homeless person who is making a serious effort to improve his or her life situation.

The Mentorship Program represents a natural collaboration between complementary agencies. Many of the area’s homeless who find safe shelter during the night-time hours at the Red Cross Shelter find a refuge from the dangers and temptations of the streets during the daytime hours at The Carpenter’s Place. Case managers at both agencies guide and support those who are serious about making changes in their life through the development of a coordinated “Action Plan.” However, successful completion of this kind of life plan requires much encouragement along the way, often more than can be provided by the case managers and agencies alone.

The Mentorship Program provides the opportunity for the homeless to experience the encouragement of a trusted friend, role model and positive influence. The time commitment of the mentor can be as little as one hour per week or up to four hours per week. The Mentorship Program is a win-win situation for the homeless, the agencies, the mentor and the community. Anyone interested in this exciting opportunity to “make a difference” can call The Carpenter’s Place at 964-4105 or the Rock River Chapter of the American Red Cross at 963-8471.

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