Catching the rythm at Borders' Open Mic Night

They’re poets, and they know it. So why not add some caffeinated libations and make an evening of it? That’s the spirit behind the weekly Open Mic Poetry Night at Borders Café, 199 Deane Drive. This free-flowing, come-as-you-are poetry jam convenes every Thursday at 7 p.m., and features the work of some of the city’s most innovative and enthusiastic poets.

The public is welcome to sip and listen, or even join in, as one by one, the poets step to the microphone to read some of their freshest original poems. Because Open Mic Poetry Night is produced by poets, for poets and poetry lovers, all styles of poetry are welcome, including songs.

The first poems of the night usually belong to John, also known by his poetry name, Quah. He’s the host of Open Mic Poetry Night—the man who runs the sign-up sheet and introduces, in random order, the succession of poets who follow him. Quah is known to event regulars for his soulful poems about finding comfort in small things and finding joy in life.

Some of the other poets who regularly take part in Open Mic Poetry Night include the following:

Jean, known by her fellow poets for her humble personality, who shares a few of her lighthearted poems about leading an honest, Christian life. She makes bookmarks and framed pictures out of her poetry.

Kimo, whose poems reveal a snappy and cynical take on everyday life. He often plays “You Pick the Poem,” where he flips through his book of poetry until someone tells him to stop. “If the poem is bad,” he says, “it’s your fault!”

Chris, who also goes by the poetry name of UniversouLove, is known as a lovesick spoken-word artist. He usually grooves about mysterious trysts with equally mysterious women.

Bubba, who is a weekly staple at Borders and who delivers his comedy routine about hillbillies he knows in his characteristic southern drawl, chuckling at his own jokes with the audience.

For more information, contact Borders Books, Music, Movies & Café, 199 Deane Drive, Rockford, at 399-2898.

From the Nov. 22-28, 2006, issue

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