CD Review: The Fold offers ‘gourmet level of sonic prowess’

Chicago-based quartet The Fold have crafted one of the sleeper hits of the young year with the release of their Tooth and Nail Records debut This Too Shall Pass.

Consisting of 14 tracks of finely-crafted rock, the album shows off the band’s ability to make ordinary songs sound anything but.

What separates them most clearly from their peers is the sincerity in lead singer Daniel Castady’s voice. With his name appearing on the writing credits for every song, Castady makes his emotional investment apparent from the first chord of “Gravity,” the opening track, to the last note of the final track, “I Believe You.”

In between, however, is where the Fold makes its simmering talent burst through with geyser-like intensity. Even Old Faithful would be jealous of the seamless tempo changes of “Going For My Lungs” and the fierce guitar work of “Remnant.”

Though the frantic nature of This Too Shall Pass will seem like a tasty treat to the trendiest of high school pop-punkers, its flavor will not be lost on more discerning musical consumers, maintaining its undeniably gourmet level of sonic prowess throughout. That’s where Castady’s lyrics show their significance.

With lyrics laden with multiple meanings, clever innuendo and crisp metaphor, a variety of outcomes seem possible, allowing the listener to make the songs about whatever they want—an art form sometimes lost on current emo-driven groups.

Castady’s knack for making each song both personal and accessible sets the Fold up for long-term success in the currently flooded Windy City rock market.

This Too Shall Pass clearly establishes The Fold as one of Chicago’s finest secrets. Currently touring with labelmates Emery and Anberlin, the Fold seems poised to take their hometown following nationwide. Perhaps someday, the Fold, too, shall pass—but if this album is any indication, they’ll turn plenty of heads (and ears) first.

From the April 19-25, 2006, issue

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