CD Review: The Moment unleashes pulsating sound

The “moment” has come for four incredible musicians to challenge the limitations of music and create a sound uncommon throughout music history.

Four years ago, Eliott Porter (drums), Nathan Kirshmann (guitar, programming), Phil Goudreau (guitar) and PJ Heckinger (vocals) came together to form a band in which they could have more musical freedom.

The Moment, of Rockford, kept traditional rock instruments and added sequenced synthesizers and drum machines to reach the explosive sound they were looking for.

The band has previously released two EPs. The second EP, This is the Moment, landed them on CMJ’s Top 100 list, and earned them a spot opening for the 2004 Zumiez Couch Tour, featuring CKY.

In 2005, the band continued to tour and began working on its recently-released first full-length album.

When Showdown at the Discotheque was released, it brought on a slew of new tour dates across the country.

With the tour beginning, it’s a good thing the band is no secret to the rest of the country. The overwhelming number of fans on their MySpace profile is enough proof of their popularity.

As of March 3, The Moment had 1,834 friends with more than 650 comments. Some comments are very simple, such as “thank you for making good music!!!” Other comments, however, are a little more extensive, such as the following from a fan in Nebraska: “You know… just when I thought I had listened to your CD enough to tide me over for a while—like, a few weeks—I put it back in tonight. It’s probably going to be another week before it leaves again. I love you.”

That fan was right—the album is hard to put away. The sound is unheard of, and hard to compare to any other type of music.

The music’s beat is toe-tapping and head-bobbing, and makes it nearly impossible to stay still while listening to. There’s a feeling of energy running through the veins, and an unknown inspiration daring the body to get up and move.

According to the band’s personal information, this intense feeling can be seen at their live performances. “More often than not, shows become dance parties with everyone leaving sweaty and exhausted,” the band contends.

Anyone ready for a high-energy, body-pulsating sound needs to see The Moment.

In 2006, The Moment plans to tour across the United States, Canada and Europe. They will be back in the area April 8 with a show at the Byron SkatePark.

To get a taste of The Moment, visit,, and for audio, upcoming shows, reviews and news.

From the April 5-11, 2006, issue

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