Changing our minds

Recently, the mainstream press (MSP) has been laboring the supposed necessity of John Kerry to prove himself in the three debates he’ll have with Mr. Bush. Much has been expressed that Mr. Kerry will either “make or break” his candidacy in these debates, parroting an implied consent of the MSP to Mr. Bush by headlining them in this manner. This editorial obfuscation seeks to disguise their public opposition to Mr. Kerry’s success, with a corresponding private endorsement of Mr. Bush. In the case of Mr. Bush and the MSP, the left hand feeds the right, as both are attached to the same body of special interest. The public should not be fooled by this silent endorsement, because it follows the mutual consent of those in the same bed sharing similar political and economic positions. In political bed making, there are no strangers, just money and friends.

Additionally, this same MSP has been waging a war of credibility with Mr. Kerry, by allowing Mr. Bush the political indulgence of “calling” Mr. Kerry a “flip-flop” artist, because he has changed his mind on the Iraq war and its funding, while not challenging the president on the litany of lies he’s consistently used and changed to accommodate the same. Necessity is the mother of invention, and no one has learned this lesson better than Mr. Bush, in his effort to “mother” our nation out of its domestic safety through the “inventions” of war he’s fabricated to do so. This makes Mr. Bush not only a “flim-flam” man, but a swindler as well, as he and the MSP strive to compel the public into furthering his confidence game.

It is time for the American public to learn this lesson and change their minds, when it comes to Mr. Bush. For it would be far better that they commit the petty crime of flip-flopping now, to save themselves and their country, than permit the greater felony of false confidence and character Mr. Bush is in November. On these terms, Mr. Kerry must be commended, because he has the moral courage to admit an error and change his course of direction to prevent greater harm to our nation, while his opponent cannot admit to anything in his character or policies save to perpetuate the mutual error of their origin and content.

If Americans maintain the moral error of Mr. Bush in November, rather than change course with Mr. Kerry, what they’ll be “saying” in plain terms, is that they’re more willing to endorse a man of consistent falsehood, than choose one with the wisdom to examine what he’s done, to see its truth and practicality for our nation, with the moral capacity to know the difference and act accordingly. Mr. Bush seems lacking in this essential faculty, as it appears he’s willing to make liars out of all of us, in terms of the founding values of our nation, in order to continue his charade of increasing folly and error. Perhaps this is what the MSP means when they call him a “good” debater. But like a leader caught in a large political lie, he will not admit or debate anything, for to do so would reveal him for what he really is—a fraud in policy, language and leadership—bringing the house of cards around him completely down. Such a man is not worthy of endorsement by his people in peace or war.

Americans, it seems, are not yet willing to examine themselves as clearly as Mr. Kerry, because then they would be caught in the same deception as Mr. Bush, something neither they, nor their so-called leader would ever admit, for the necessary moral change it would demand.

Sadly, however, it’s more than apparent to the rest of the world, and that world is wondering when Americans are going to muster the patriotic courage to recognize this mortal error, and change their leadership to become the greater nation and people they once were. Changing our minds is essential for this task, because it is the only way we as citizens can change the perilous course our nation is set on. Mr. Bush cannot do this because he is a “president of war,” not a statesmen for peace with the vision it requires.

“Supporting my nation right or wrong” is unacceptable to our founding, because the moral basis of a democratic state insists that it be more right than wrong, to be moral, democratic and worthy of support; otherwise, it is a disguised form of despotism neither requiring nor demanding such distinctions. Likewise for its leader.

Clearly, Mr. Kerry is willing to be more right than wrong in this moral necessity, as his behavior demonstrates, because it is one thing to change your mind, but quite another to lie; something Mr. Bush apparently cannot distinguish. Mr. Bush has not learned this moral distinction, as his choices are politically driven—politics being a poor substitute for moral leadership. What Americans must do is champion their nation more than their leader, to ensure that it remains theirs, not his, than be tricked into doing so by him. As Mark Twain wrote:

“Patriotism is supporting your country all the time and the government when it deserves it.”

If we fail this distinction in November by re-electing Mr. Bush, neglecting the opportunity Mr. Kerry offers, we will disregard our country for a government that doesn’t deserve its moral heritage or our support. Choose what you want to be.

Gregory John Campbell is a Rockford resident.

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