Charlotte’s Web on the Web!

Charlotte’s Web on the Web!

By Lani Richardson

Dot com gone bust? We don’t think so … we’d like to draw your attention to the Web site to be premiered at the 12th annual RAMI celebration April 17. is breaking ground as a virtual reality museum preserving more than 15,000 hours of performance from the legendary Charlotte’s Web.

As it was the duty of troubadours, scribes, and “old ones” to tell the tales of what came before, so, too, was it the obligation of all to record, preserve and archive that which was written, sung and told. Herein lies the mission of Real people, real lives, real art, real history. “Live makes it more real.” Real lives make it more us! We now carry that burden: to preserve our lives in the digital domain.

Step into the memories of our definitions:

• Archive: a repository; vault; treasury; see: museum … Museum: depository, vault; menagerie; place of exhibition; treasury.

• Archives as a noun tells us about a place wehre precious images are stored; whether visual, audio, or written.

• Archive as a verb tells us that someone is taking the responsibility of storing those precious images.

Welcome to our museum!!! is for you!

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